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Visit, or the IRC channel(

Contributing code to the Meteor project

The best way (the only way?) to contribute code is to submit a pull request. We have a few guidelines for you.

  • Development happens on the devel branch, so please make sure your branch is based off that.
  • Sign the contributor's agreement.
  • Follow the Meteor style guide.
  • Limit yourself to one feature or bug fix per pull request.
  • Name your branch to match the feature/bug fix that you are submitting.
  • Write clear, descriptive commit messages.

Submitting a new package


We love new pre-processor packages. Here are some guidelines for submitting a new pre-processor:

  • It should have tests. See packages/coffeescript or packages/less for examples.

  • It should be documented. See docs/client/packages.

  • It should be a stable version. If it requires an npm module install, make sure to add it to admin/ with a fixed version number. If the preprocessor is only a few files, you can avoid the dev bundle and simply put the code in the package directory.

Simple Assets

Because the package API is still in flux, and because there are so many client-side libraries out there, we're not taking new packages that only include files to be shipped to the client at this time. You can easily get the same effect by placing the files in your application source tree. Place client library files in the directory client/lib/.

Other changes

If you're working on a big ticket item, best to check in first on the #meteor IRC channel or email us at We'd hate to have to steer you in a different direction after you've already put in a lot of hard work.

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