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Rose Changes

Go to for a full listing of issues for each release.

2018.05.0 (2018-05-22)

Rose release 54. This release is expected to be used with:

Noteworthy Changes

#2184: Rose User Guide: overhaul.

  • New Cylc and Rose tutorial.
  • New API reference.
  • New style.

#2171: rosie discovery clients now support Gnome libsecret for password caching.

#2167: Rose Bush: file view: further limit on what can be served within a suite directory.

#2163: rose suite-run: new option --validate-suite-only to validate suite only without installing the suite.

#2151: Rose Bush: suites list, cycles list, task jobs list, and broadcast lists pages now refresh automatically every 2 minutes.

2018.02.0 (2018-02-07)

Rose release 53. This release is expected to be used with:

Noteworthy Changes

#2146: Rose Bush: fix links for viewing files in suites with / in their names.

#2145: rose suite-clean, rose suite-run, rose-suite-restart, etc: improve diagnostic message when the commands detect that the suite may still be running. The commands now include information of the location of the contact file and relevant information from within.

#2141: rose metadata-check: allow check to pass for GTK widgets if there is no display in the environment.

#2140: rose macro: fix behaviour with transfomer macro with custom argument where it would die on an optional configuration that did not have the custom argument.

#2139: rosa svn-pre-commit: now prevent users from adding a file at the branch level.

#2138: rose_arch: prevents users from specifying a target as compulsory as well as optional, e.g. [arch:foo] and [arch:(foo)].

#2137: rose config-edit: fix traceback opening page menu for rose-suite.conf.

#2127: Rose Bush: file view: Prevent files being served outside of suite directory.

#2124: rose config-edit: STASH panel: fix update of the expanded selection in the event that re-orddering of rows are required when a table is modified.

#2123: Rose installation no longer depends on the external simplejson library. It now uses json in Python's standard library.

#2122: Rose Bush:

  • When a line number is specified in the URL the line will be highlighted on page load.
  • Selecting a line no longer requires a content reload.
  • Highlighting of logger level information (i.e. INFO, DEBUG, ...) is now restored (broken by the new logging system).

#2120: rose suite-cmp-vc: new command to compare version control system information of suite source between latest install and now.

2017.10.0 (2017-10-03)

Rose release 52. This release is expected to be used with:

Noteworthy Changes

#2117: Rose Metadata mini language: support len(this(N)) syntax.

#2114: rose_ana: import errors for external plugins are now pushed to the task level so a plugin import error will no longer bring down everything else.

#2109: rose suite-run, rose suite-restart, rose suite-clean, etc: now use the cylc-7.X contact file as an indicator that a suite is still alive. This should allow the commands to be faster, with reduced network calls.

2017.09.0 (2017-09-05)

Rose release 51. This release is expected to be used with:

Noteworthy Changes

#2106: rose app-upgrade: fix CLI help.

#2104: isodatetime: bundled library updated to 2017.08.0 release.

#2099: rose_ana: grepper now prints to STDOUT on failure.

#2096: rose suite-run: timestamp for log directory on a remote job host should now match that of the suite host.

#2094: rose macro: improve feedback for invalid input.

#2090: Rose Bush: improve suite search logic - always drill down at least a level from the root at ~/cylc-run/.

#2089: Rose Bush: add links to .txt and .html files in suite's log/ directory.

2017.05.0 (2017-05-17)

Rose release 50. This release is expected to be used with:

Noteworthy Changes

#2073: rose_ana: allow grepper classes to treat missing KGO files as failed tasks.

#2071: rose config-edit: support new element-titles metadata setting to allow users to put headings above columns in arrays.

#2070: rose suite-run: when installing a suite on a remote job host, it can now call itself on the remote host without invoking a login shell.

  • New [rose-suite-run]remote-no-login-shell setting in the site/user rose.conf to switch off/on usage of a remote login shell.
  • The old [rose-home-at] section in the site/user rose.conf file has been replaced by the new [rose-suite-run]remote-rose-bin setting. The new setting can be used to specify the path to the rose executable on different hosts.
  • See ${ROSE_HOME}/etc/rose.conf.example in your distribution for detail.

#2067: rose mpi-launch: fix usage of ROSE_LAUNCHER_ULIMIT_OPTS=-a.

#2064: rose_ana improvements:

  • AnalysisTask object now has a skipped attribute rather than just passed - if skipped is True, rose_ana will report on it differently as well as not considering it a failure overall
  • Overall summary line right at the end of the output which gives total counts of passed, failed and skipped tests.

#2063: rose config-edit: fix display of unnecessary scrollbars in dialogs.

#2061: rose config-edit: remove errors associated with a variable before removing the variable itself. This fixes the previously incorrect behaviour where the panel would continue to show an error after removing the variable.

#2046: New API docs for rose.config and rose.macro.

2017.02.0 (2017-02-28)

Rose release 49. This release is expected to be used with cylc-7.2.0 and fcm-2017.02.0 or compatible.

Noteworthy Changes

#2057: isodatetime: bundled library updated to 2017.02.1 release.

#2052: rose macro: fix issue when applying macros to in the presence of optional configurations intended for rose-suite.conf.

#2050: rose suite-clean: --only= now supports Bash extended globs (extglob).

#2049: rose bush: job entry: disable links to any zero-size files in the drop down box for sequence job logs.

#2048: rose bush: taskjobs: added a button for unchecking all task status filters.

#2047: rose_ana: fix some issues with writing to the KGO database.

2017.01.0 (2017-01-26)

Rose release 48. This release is expected to be used with cylc-7.1.0 and fcm-2016.12.0.

Noteworthy Changes

#2043: rose macro: default macros will now apply to as well.

#2039: rose app-upgrade: improve diagnostics on removal of settings.

#2036: rose config-edit: fix namespaces stealing sort-keys from option sections.

#2034: rose config-edit: prevent radio buttons from filling full page width.

#2033: Rose Bush: task jobs list: turn off auto-complete for sequence log forms.

#2032: rose_prune: improve logic to prune items only from job hosts of relevant cycles.

#2031: rose suite-clean: improve logic for cleaning up parent directories. For suites under sub-directory hierarchy, clean all the way to the root where possible.

#2030: Rose Bush: suites list:

  • Fix links to suites with / characters in their names.
  • Follow symbolic links in ~user/cylc-run/ when looking for suites.

2016.12.0 (2016-12-22)

Rose release 47. This release is expected to be used with cylc-7.0.0 and fcm-2016.12.0.

Noteworthy Changes

#2027: rose config-edit: use multi-line text widget for multi-line values.

#2025: rose app-run/task-run: new environment variable ROSE_APP_COMMAND_KEY, equivalent to the --command-key option.

#2023 Rose training course docs: update to parameterization for simple cases.

#2021: Rose Bush and rose suite-* utilities: modify to work best with cylc 7, following the change in the location of service files in cylc 7 suites. (See cylc/cylc#2067.)

2016.11.1 (2016-11-29)

Rose release 46. This release works best with cylc-6.11.2 and fcm-2016.10.0.

Noteworthy Changes

#2020: Rose Bush: fix task/job status filter for the pager widget.

#2018: rose macro: new --transform option to prepend all transformer macros to the argument list. The existing --fix option will still prepend all internal transformer (fixer) macros to the argument list.

#2014: Rosie Disco: now respect space characters in individual search terms.

#2013: rose config-edit: improve spin button widget behaviour when value is an environment variable syntax.

#2011: rose_bunch: now provide an environment variable ROSE_BUNCH_LOG_PREFIX for each bunch instance at runtime to identify the log prefix that will be used for output.

2016.11.0 (2016-11-11)

Rose release 45. This release works best with cylc-6.11.2 and fcm-2016.10.0.

Highlighted Changes

#1996: rose_ana: new version.

  • Analysis logic is now specified via external modules, which in general are expected to be written or supplied by the user.
  • One such method is built into Rose (rose.apps.ana_builtin.grepper), it handles comparisons of text contents between different files or the output from simple commands.
  • Change in formatting of rose_ana app files (though apps in old format will fall-back to the deprecated behaviour; to be retired in a future release).
  • Failure of a single analysis sub-task no longer forces a fatal error in the main task.
  • Hopeful resolution of database locking issues (KGO database functionality is now opt-in, and the locking mechanism has been changed).

#1994: rose bush: improve tasks and jobs filtering:

  • Cycles list now displays number of tasks and jobs.
  • Cycles list now provides download links to those cycles with a log/job-CYCLE.tar.gz.
  • Jobs list can now be filtered by job status combinations and individual cylc task statuses.
  • Job list cycles filter can now use syntax such as <CYCLE (currently before CYCLE), >CYCLE (currently after CYCLE).
  • Improve display for screens with smaller width.

Noteworthy Changes

#2010: rose config-edit: better behaviour for environment variables in values metadata. Always display such settings as a radio/combobox (do not try to change to a textbox).

#2009: rose macro: add reporter macros. Adds a new Reporter macro type.

#2008: rose config-edit: fix macro optional_config_name kwarg (broken since 2016.07.0).

#2007: rose config-edit: change default to show fixed variables.

#2006: rose config-edit: extended multiple selection to groups. Stash entries can now be ignored/deleted for a tree of entries (i.e. in group view). If a parent section is ignored/deleted then this action will apply (recursively) to all child sections.

#2005: rose file install: new symlink+ mode that checks for existence of the link target.

#2004: rose config-edit: fixed integer widget updating.

#2003: rose config-edit: allow removal of empty elements in compulsory arrays.

#2002: rose config-edit: allow newline separators in space-separated list.

#2001: rose macro: don't run transform macros in validate mode.

#2000: rose macro: new --suite-only option.

#1998: rose_prune: fix bad fail message on non-suite host.

#1995: rose bush and rosie disco: ad hoc server can now have service name in URL.

#1990, #1993: User guide and tutorial updated to latest cylc usage.

#1988: rose bush: jobs list: fix paths in tar links. Previously a link to a log in a tar archive may take users to a random path.

#1987: rose config-edit: fixes an inflexibility in the third-party UM STASH widget when importing packages from metadata (a demo piece of functionality). It also fixes a problem with duplicated attempts at adding sections.

2016.09.0 (2016-09-14)

Rose release 44. This release works best with cylc-6.11.0 and fcm-2016.05.1, or their successors.

Noteworthy Changes

#1982: rosa svn-post-commit: fix handling of settings with ! ignored flags in

#1976: Rose Bush: job logs listing: now accepts log files with names in these patterns *.NNN.*, *.KEY.* as sequetial files.

#1972: Rose Bush: cycles list: only count cycles with non-waiting tasks.

#1970: rose config-edit: fix info dialog for variables.

#1968: Rose Bush: use file system listing for job logs listing - no longer rely on the task_job_logs table in the cylc runtime database.

#1965: rose metadata-check: add index entry.

#1963: Rose Bush: jobs list: use muted text style for zero size file links.

#1962: rose config-edit: fix source file page widget traceback.

#1959: rosie go, rosie ls: handle corrupt working copy edge case.

#1957: rose config, rose config-edit: reduce memory usage.

#1956: rose app-upgrade: speed up adding or renaming for large configurations.

#1955: rose bush: add rotated log files to the cylc files menu.

#1951: rose config-edit, rosie go: handle site/user incorrect value types.

#1950: rose config-edit: clearer exception handling on startup.

2016.07.0 (2016-07-22)

Rose release 43. This release works best with cylc-6.10.2 and fcm-2016.05.0.

Noteworthy Changes

#1947: rose app-run, task-run, suite-run, etc: file install: reduce commits to sqlite database that is used to store the state of file install sources and targets. If you are installing a large number of files, this change should offer significant improvement to the elasped time of the command.

#1943: rose metadata: fix referring to top-level-option ids in the fail-if and warn-if rules.

#1939: Rosie discovery service clients: on authentication failure, the clients will now keep retrying as long as the user enters entering different credentials from the previous attempt.

#1933: rose suite-run: log-*.tar.gz: is now created by a single tar command. For reference, the original inefficient logic was required because we had to support running Rose on old Unix systems that do not have access to a modern tar command that has the -z option. The old logic used Python's tarfile module to TAR up the log directory and then used the gzip command to compress the resulting TAR file (to avoid inefficient when using Python's built-in gzip logic with the tarfile module). It is now highly unlikely that we had to support running Rose systems that do not have access to a modern tar command.

#1932: Rose Bush: use os.stat to get last_activity_time in all Rose Bush pages, instead of performing an expensive query.

#1931: Rose Bush: remove a remaining Bootstrap 2 class from template.

#1929: rose config-edit: fix an error in the PageArrayTable widget, which fails when it attempts to display an array variable (i.e. a variable with the length metadata set).

#1928: rose config-edit: fix trigger latent section traceback.

#1915: rose macro: removed un-necessary prompting with optional configuration.

  • Allow macros to have a keyword argument optional_config_name which will be set to the name of the optional configuration used, if any.
  • Now only prompts once for unknown values when using optional configurations.

2016.06.1 (2016-06-23)

Rose release 42. This release works best with cylc-6.10.2 and fcm-2016.05.0.

Noteworthy Changes

#1925: rose web services: document new requirement on cherrypy 3.2.2.

#1921: Rose Bush: view search: fix incorrect URL that causes server to return 500.

#1920: rose.reporter: better unicode handling.

#1918: rose config-edit: fix right click menu segfault in summary panel.

#1917: rose documentation: fix oddity with the scroll spy widget when viewing the documentation as a single page.

2016.06.0 (2016-06-10)

Rose release 41. This release works best with cylc-6.10.2 and fcm-2016.05.0.

Highlighted Changes

#1905: rose macro, app-upgrade: fix section comment removal of options bug. This meant that on upgrade or macro change, some optional configurations could lose options from their sections. This happened only if the sections were also present in the main configuration and if they had a differing comment or ignored state in the optional configuration. Please check if you think this may have happened to you.

#1891: rose documentation: restyled with Bootstrap 3. User guide is now available in a single page as well as in multiple pages.

Noteworthy Changes

#1913: rose configuration: allows a greater range of characters in the indices for duplicate settings. This is prompted by the move towards including profile names in the indices for UM STASH namelists - many of these have characters like +, etc.

#1911: rose config-edit: cylc gui launcher: gracefully handle suites that are not running.

#1909: rose config-edit: don't show old_value in info dialog.

#1906: rose config-edit and rose macro: new --no-warn=version option to suppress default version to HEAD warnings.

#1903: rose app-upgrade: fix change_setting_value with forced=True.

#1902: rose-meta.conf: url: add section or ns root

#1900: rose config-edit: new menu item to rename a section.

#1898: rose-stem: prepend hostname to working copies in source trees.

#1895: rose bush: view: fixed search failure if service is not served under the root of a server.

2016.05.1 (2016-05-19)

Rose release 40. This release works best with cylc-6.10.1 and fcm-2016.05.0.

Highlighted Changes

#1884: rose macro: can now be used on a whole suite. Previously, it only worked at the level of an application configuration.

#1883: rose bush and rosie disco: web pages have been upgraded from Bootstrap 2.X to Bootstrap 3.3.6.

Noteworthy Changes

#1892: rose date: enable --as-total=TIME_FORMAT option when printing durations.

#1887: rose bush: view: will now serve a file in a tar-gzip archive automatically in raw mode if it contains Unicode characters. Previously, it would incorrectly serve the whole tar archive.

2016.05.0 (2016-05-05)

Rose release 39. This release works best with cylc-6.10.0 and fcm-2016.05.0.

User Interface Changes

#1867: rose app-run: fix file installation clash. Suppose we have both file/whatever.txt and [file:whatever.txt]source=somewhere/whatever.txt, the setting in the rose-app.conf should take precedence. A bug in the logic meant that this was not the case. This has now been fixed.

Highlighted Changes

#1808: rose bush: view: new search functionality.

#1879: rose config-diff: support optional configurations

#1870: rosie graph --text: new option print graph results as text.

#1863: rose app-upgrade: allow multi depth value for meta=value.

Noteworthy Changes

#1882: rose stem: improve handling of project not found error.

#1881: rose macro: fix trigger transform order-sensitivity bug.

#1880: rose metadata-check: now check for invalid namespace settings.

#1877: rose_bunch: bunch task result counts at end of job.

#1875: rosie go: cylc gui launcher: gracefully handle suites that are not running.

#1872: rose bush: job entry: link 0-size file any way.

#1871: rose bush: cycles: don't display cycles with no active or completed tasks.

#1869: rose stem: fix incorrect mirror variable when run within subdirectory.

#1866: rose suite-run --reload: skip logic that invokes cylc refresh.

#1865: rose_bunch: remove any existing database entries on first submit.

#1864: rose config-edit: add ability to specify initial namespaces.

#1861: rosie go: fix crash when all sources were unchecked.

#1859: rose config-edit: keyboard shortcuts for multi section summary panel.

#1858: rosie go: better gpg-agent cache expiry handling.

#1856: rose config-edit: add GUI dialog to manage metadata search path.

#1855: rose config-edit: show full traceback on macro crash.

2016.03.0 (2016-03-11)

Rose release 38. This release works best with cylc-6.9.1 and fcm-2016.02.0.

Highlighted Changes

#1824: rose suite- wrappers: make use of host information in cylc port files to detect whether suites are running or not. Delete a cylc port file and/or a rose suite host file if the system is able to detect that no process associated with the suite is running on the recorded host. This allows suite-run, suite-clean, etc to proceed if a suite is terminated with a left-over port file.

Noteworthy Changes

#1847: rose config-edit: fix other namespace state display on trigger. It could get a target namespace (page/panel) ignored state incorrect following triggering from another page. This fixes the issue.

#1845: rose task-env: fix alternate calendar mode issue. It was not using the setting in CYLC_CALENDAR_MODE. This fixes the issue.

#1843: rose config-edit: fix left hand tree panel error icons for macros.

#1841: rose bush: suites list and cycles list: fix fuzzy time logic. Restored display of time using fuzzy time for suites list and cycles list, broken by #1791. A toogle delta time button will now be displayed in suites list and cycles list for users to toggle between fuzzy time and ISO8601 date-time stamp.

#1836: rose_arch: status string for targets with bad statuses will now be printed to STDERR as well as STDOUT.

#1835: rose config-edit: fix crash on ignore/remove/disable multiple sections.

#1834: rose config-edit: fix upgrade button sensitivity and instructions.

#1833: rose_ana: value of tolerance setting can now contain environment variable substitution syntax.

#1832: rose bush: view text mode: fix internal server error when viewing files with Unicode characters. This fixes the problem by outputing the file in download mode.

#1806: rose date: new functionality to parse and convert ISO8601 durations.

2016.02.1 (2016-02-25)

Rose release 37. This release works best with cylc-6.8.1 and fcm-2016.02.0.

Highlighted Changes

#1814: rose macro: fix nested triggers for duplicate section options. The logic for triggering options in duplicate namelists was not right under certain circumstances. Some namelist:domain options in UM apps had incorrect trigger-ignored statuses. Some apps will have new, correct error statuses for these options when this version of Rose is used.

2016.02.0 (2016-02-11)

Rose release 36. This release works best with cylc-6.8.1 and fcm-2016.02.0.

Noteworthy Changes

#1825: rose_arch: fix incorrect behaviour on retry. If the previous attempt to archive was killed, a subsequent retry would do nothing, due to the premature insertion of the target in the rose_arch database. This is now fixed.

#1823: rose.config.ConfigNode: fix incorrect behaviour of the __iter__ method.

#1822: rose app-upgrade: fix trigger conflict with namelist prettification.

#1820: rose bush: view: fix internal server error caused by missing items in the job entry associated with the log.

#1819: rose CLI commands will now report information with a time stamp on -v -v verbosity.

#1811: rosie copy: on suite copy between 2 repositories, ensure that the destination prefix is used to determine the value of owner, etc.

#1809: Rose Bush: view: text mode is now the default, which means HTML tags will be escaped by default. Previously, it would render HTML tags in text files by default. You can continue to render HTML tags by using the tags mode.

#1807: rosa svn-pre-commit: should now stop trunk replace.

#1804: rose_ana: extra retry database operations on failure.

#1802: rose host-select: improve parser for ranking and threshold commands output, and in particular, the parser for the free -m command.

#1758: rose config-edit: speed up adding/deleting sections.

2016.01.0 (2016-01-15)

Rose release 35. This release works best with cylc-6.8.0 and fcm-2015.12.0.

Noteworthy Changes

#1799, #1795: rose_prune: shuffle job hosts to allow job hosts with share file systems to share load on rm -fr commands.

#1797: rosa svn-post-commit: ensure that all strings passed to the discovery database are UTF-8 strings.

#1792: rose stem: allow manual overriding of project.

#1791: rose bush: jobs list: improve hyperlinks and layout:

  • Fuzzy time toggle is now preserved when paging.
  • A submit number badge is now:
    • a link to select all jobs of a given point/task.
    • displaying the number of jobs in a given point/task.
    • displaying the task status by colour of the point/task.

#1787: rose bush: configurable logo.

#1786: rose bush: improve paging and sorting:

  • suites list and cycles list: added Display Option box, like in a jobs list page.
  • suites list and cycles list: entries per page can now be configured.
  • suites list: can now filter by suite name.
  • suites list: can now order by suite name, as well as activity time.

#1785: rose bush: cycles list and jobs list: display suite's host:port for suites running cylc-6.8.0 or later.

#1783: rose_bunch: process environment variable substitution in configuration file.

#1780: rose_prune: support custom format for cycle string in substitution.

#1779: rose bush: cycles list: fix counting of failed task jobs.

#1777: rose bush: jobs list: can now sort in descending or ascending order by:

  • time submit
  • time run start
  • time run exit
  • duration queue
  • duration run
  • duration queue+run

Older Releases

Rose 2015.XX

Rose 2014-XX

Rose 2013-XX

Rose 2012-11 (2012-11-30) was Rose release 1.