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Rose Changes

Go to for a full listing of issues for each release.

Next Release (2015-Q2?)

Rose release 27. This release will work best with cylc-6.4.1 and/or beyond.

Highlighted Changes

#1621, #1604: fcm_make built-in application: improve flexibility.

  • Add to fcm make argument list as extra configuration.
  • Support -n 2 option where possible - this allows the continuation make to be in the same physical location.
  • Allow flexible naming of the mirror step.
  • Allow flexible mapping of the original and continuation task names.
  • It is now possible to set:
    • the destination for both orig and cont runs.
    • fast locations for both orig and cont runs.
  • rose task-run --new on orig will now:
    • clear orig and cont dests.
    • invoke fcm make --new.

See also metomi/fcm#188, metomi/fcm#189, metomi/fcm#190.

Noteworthy Changes

#1618: rosie create/copy: fix malformed log message for the Subversion changeset on suite copy.

#1616: rose host-select: fix incorrect threshold logic introduced by #1588.

#1613: rosie go: display URLs of data sources.

#1612: rose bush: page navigation always visible at the bottom.

#1611: rose.env.env_export: only report for 1st time and on change. This fixes, e.g. rose task-run reporting export PATH=... twice.

2015.04.1 (2015-04-28)

Rose release 26, bug fix 1. This release works best with cylc-6.4.0 and beyond.

Bug Fixes

#1605: rose config-edit: remove an obsolete import that was causing the program to fail.

2015.04.0 (2015-04-27)

Rose release 26. This release works best with cylc-6.4.0 and beyond.

Suite Run Time Location Changes

#1571: rose suite-run, rose suite-clean, rose-task-env, rose task-run:

  • The rose suite-run command will now create the share/cycle/ sub-directory of a suite. (The rose suite-clean command will do the reverse.)
  • Commands such as rose task-env and rose task-run will now export ROSE_DATAC (and friends) to point to cycle point directories under the share/cycle/ directory. E.g. If current cycle point is 20150430T0000Z, ROSE_DATAC will become $HOME/cylc-run/my-suite/share/cycle/20150430T0000Z.
  • The root of the real location of the share/, share/cycle/, and work/ sub-directory of a suite can now be configured using the settings root-dir{share}, root-dir{share/cycle} and root-dir{work} in the rose-suite.conf file, or under the [rose-suite-run] section in the site/user configuration file. The root-dir-share and root-dir-work settings are deprecated and are equivalent to root-dir{share} and root-dir{work} respectively.
  • The setting root-dir{share/cycle}=HOST=share/data can be used to provide backward compatibility for the location of ROSE_DATAC, if required. This setting will ensure that the share/cycle/ directory is created as a symbolic link to the share/data/ directory.

This change allows shared cycling data to be placed in a different file system than shared non-cycling data. E.g. Shared cycling data are typically larger and more regularly house-kept, and so are more suitable for a large file system with a short retention period. On the other hand, shared non-cycling data will typically be used by tasks throughout the life time of the suite, and so are more suitable for a file system with a long or permanent retention period.

#1593: rose_prune: can now prune any item with a cycle point in its path name.

  • New prune{ITEM}=CYCLE[:GLOBS] ... setting allow prune of items under any sub-directories. The prune-work-at and prune-datac-at settings are deprecated and are equivalent to prune{work} and prune{share/cycle} respectively.
  • Cycle points can now be date-time points or offsets of the current cycle point.
  • Each glob in the GLOBS string can now contain a %(cycle)s substitution. When a glob is specified like so, the program will not add the cycle under ITEM as a sub-directory, but will substitute %(cycle)s in the glob with the cycle.
  • The application will now fail if a cycle point in the configuration has a bad syntax.

Highlighted Changes

#1591: rose config-diff: new command to display the difference between 2 Rose configuration files with annotated metadata.

Noteworthy Changes

#1602: rose macro: fail if uppercase namelist options are added.

#1601: rosie go: create new suite: if multiple data sources are specified, display dialog box for user to select a prefix from the prefixes associated with the selected data sources; if a single data source is specified, automatically select the prefix associated with the specified data source.

#1600: rose bush: view: will now link to related job logs when viewing a job log file.

#1594: rose suite-run: allow suite bar when suite foo-bar is also running.

#1597, #1592: Rosie Clients will now attempt to use gpg-agent before GnomeKeyring by default. If this is not desirable, you can add the setting prefix-password-store.PREFIX=gnomekeyring (where PREFIX is the prefix of a Rosie web service that requires authentication by password) under the [rosie-id] section of the site/user configuration file.

#1590: rose suite-hook: --shutdown even if --mail fails

#1589: rosie id: now accepts ~/cylc-run/SUITE/ as an argument.

#1588: rose host-select: reinstate timeout for SSH commands - kill SSH commands if they take too long to run - useful for catching situations not caught by the -oConnectTimeout=SECS option. Improve random and no threshold selection logic - run SSH commands in serial to reduce loads to the system.

#1586: rose_ana: allow ignoring tasks.

#1584: rose bush: now correctly returns HTTP 403 or 404 for relevant items.

#1581: rosie go: rephrase view all revisions to search all revisions.

#1580: rosa db-create: will no longer run post-commit hooks with unnecessary notification.

#1579: rose bush: jobs: Only hide the Display Options form if all options are set as defaults.

#1574: rose_ana: improve output and fix test on wallclock time.

#1568: rose config-edit: better handling of file source. The page is now a normal page with a special source value widget.

2015.03.0 (2015-03-26)

Rose release 25. This release works best with cylc-6.3.1.

Highlighted Changes

#1541: rose suite-restart: the command is no longer an alias of rose suite-run --restart. It now restarts a shutdown suite from its last known state without reinstalling it.

Noteworthy Changes

#1565: rose suite-run --restart: export CYLC_VERSION to match that of the original suite run.

#1563: rose metadata: remove escape characters for values, value-titles and value-hints.

#1562: rosa svn-pre-commit: now prevents suite copy with bad owner.

#1561: rose config-edit: improve handling of bad macro imports from metadata.

#1560: rose config-edit: fix blank name-space for a trailing slash section.

#1557: rose config-edit: improve page display.

#1555: rose app-upgrade: allow upgrade category packages to avoid module name conflicts.

#1553: rose app-run: poll delays can now be specified as ISO8601 durations.

#1550: rose app-upgrade: fix check for existing indexed variable.

#1548: rose config-edit: fix incorrect added-section description.

#1542: rose config-edit: now report errors from metadata-graph.

2015.02.0 (2015-02-11)

Rose release 24. This release works best with cylc-6.1.2 and cylc-6.3.1.

Noteworthy Changes

#1537: rose config-edit: fix variable menu when it has a macro warning.

#1535: rose_prune: prune command now uses bash -O extglob, which means that glob patterns can now be any extended globs supported by bash.

#1532: rosie go: fix suite ID pop up menu web browser menu item. The menu item is now enabled only if a web URL is available for browsing the suite.

#1530: rose app-run: file installation: correctly handle exception associated with the source.

#1529: rose_prune: added configuration metadata for server log pruning setting.

#1522: rose bash completion: fix use of getent for user names.

#1516: rosie create: improve prompt.

#1513: Rosie web service clients: gracefully handle the Cancel key press event when user is prompted for a password for a prefix. The client will now report the event, but continue with other prefixes.

#1511: rose stem: the command now works under the rose-stem/ sub-directory of a working copy of a branch.

#1504: rose app-run, rose suite-run, rose task-run: the commands in -v mode now report the loading of the run configuration, any optional keys, and/or CLI defined key=value pairs.

2015.01.0 (2015-01-07)

Rose release 23. This release works best with cylc-6.1.2.

Noteworthy Changes

#1496: rose_prune: new setting for pruning logs and log archives on the suite host.

#1494: rose config-edit: allow choices to be edited in a choice widget.

#1493: rosie go: fix File -> New Suite.

#1486: rosie ls: send all_revs=1 to the web service server instead of all_revs=True.

2014.12.0 (2014-12-08)

Rose release 22. This release works best with cylc-6.1.2.

Noteworthy Changes

#1484: rosie.ws_client_auth: when saving the user name for a web service, create the ~/.metomi/rose.conf file if it does not already exist.

#1482: rose_arch: fix duplicated archive STDOUT print out.

#1481: rose stem: fix logic to ascertain name of a suite when the current working directory is not a Subversion working copy.

#1480: rose suite-clean, rose-suite-run, etc: improve pgrep cylc run pattern for detecting whether a suite is still running or not. The old pattern was stopping foo from starting if foo-bar was running.

2014.11.1 (2014-11-26)

Rose release 21. This release works best with cylc-6.1.0.

Highlighted Changes

#1464: rosie go, rosie lookup, rosie ls: support caching of credentials using a gpg-agent session.

Noteworthy Changes

#1473: file install: improve error message when no source is specified for mode=symlink.

#1471, #1472: rosa svn-post-commit: now support configurable notification on trunk commits.

#1463: rose date: fix --calendar=365day|366day option. The option arguments were documented but not implemented.

#1461: rose stem: add MIRROR Jinja2 variable.

#1460: rosie create: the default access-list is now configurable for each prefix on the client side. If a default is not configured, the client will not set access-list by default.

#1458: rose metadata: value-hints new setting that can support suggested values for a variable, but still allows the user to provide their own override.

#1456: rose metadata: fix the default behaviour when triggering from a value with environment variable substitution syntax.

2014.11.0 (2014-11-05)

Rose release 20. This release works best with cylc-6.1.0.

New Package Requirements

  • This release adds the requirement for a pickle-safe version of python-requests. (We have tested with version 2.2.1.)

Highlighted Changes

#1395, #1438: rosie.ws_client: support multiple sources.

  • This change requires a pickle-safe version of python-requests. (We have tested with version 2.2.1.)
  • Rosie discovery service clients rosie go, rosie lookup and rosie ls will automatically work with all [rosie-id]prefix-ws.* services in site/user configuration. The [rosie-id]prefixes-ws-default setting can be used to restrict the default to use a sub-set of the services.
  • The --prefix=PREFIX option for rosie go, rosie lookup and rosie ls can now be specified multiple times. The lookup mode is rationalised into a single option, with aliases.
  • rosie go updated to allow users to select any data source combination.

Noteworthy Changes

#1453: Rose training materials: Rose User Guide: Suites divided up to facilitate training delivery.

#1447: Rose Bush: file view: navigation menu now links to top level suite files.

#1442: rosie web: fix all revisions checkbox. It was sending all_revs=on to the server instead of all_revs=1.

#1441: rose app-run: poll: globs can now be specified in any-files and all-files.

#1439: rose suite-scan: take advantage of new functionality of cylc scan multiple host support.

#1437, #1446, #1449: rose task-env, rose_prune and Rose Bush: now support integer cycling.

#1436: rose config-edit and rose macro: improve error message on fail-if syntax error.

#1435: rose config-edit: fix copy-and-paste large amount of text into a spaced list widget now works correctly.

#1434: rose app-upgrade: allow users to upgrade to non-named version without using the --all-versions option.

#1433: rose config-edit: fix choices widget empty error.

#1432: rose config-edit: fix derived type array in column page.

#1431: rose config-edit: fix preview app metadata refresh.

#1430: rose config-edit: fix spaced widget bug. The problem was misuse of the last_value property across all array widgets, which happened to work as it was always set to the actual current value, except in the spaced_list widget.

#1428: rose_arch: improve documentation.

2014.10.0 (2014-10-02)

19th release of Rose. This release works best with Cylc 6.0.1.

Highlighted Changes

#1415: Support configuration metadata inheritance. A configuration metadata can now import settings from other configuration metadata locations.

Noteworthy Changes

#1427: isodatetime: update to release 2014.10.0.

#1423: rose date: don't display unecessary float in a duration format.

#1422: rose suite-* commands: improve the pattern used in pgrep to detect whether a suite is still running or not.

#1421: rose bush: fix job log links for suites on + time zones. The + sign in the time zone is now escaped for URLs.

#1416: file install: notify skipped file installs in verbose mode.

#1409: rosie db: fix lookup failure when the results contain a suite with no optional information properties.

#1408: SSH -oConnectTimeout=10 as default. This should fix any hang up problems when hosts not available. The [rose-host-select]timeout setting in site/user configuration is removed. SSH connection timeout should be configured as part of the [external]ssh setting.

#1407: rosa svn-post-commit: fix owner and access-list notification. It should only send notification on changes on a trunk and should no longer send notification on changes on a branch.

#1406: rose config-edit: UM stash widget: stash record help input change.

#1403: file install: rsync: fix sub-dir handling. File install rsync mode was failing if source is a directory with sub-directories. This change fixes the problem by removing an incorrect integer cast of the access mode.

#1391: rose suite-hook, rose bush: no longer record job script, job standard out and job standard error in any special way. This will modify slightly the display of job file links in Rose Bush jobs listing.

2014-09.0 (2014-09-10)

18th release of Rose. This release works best with Cylc 6.0.0.

Highlighted Changes

#1323, #1365, #1369, #1372, #1374, #1378:

  • Handle new runtime database states.
  • Improve reporting of running cylc suite processes.
  • Handle log/job/ and work/ directory restructure. N.B. This change is NOT backward compatible. Existing suites with applications that assume the old directory structure will not work correctly, and will require some minor modifications. See cylc/cylc#1069 for detail.
  • Rephrase cycle time to cycle point for cylc 6.
  • Rose Bush updated to work correctly with cylc 6.

#1371: rose suite-clean: new --only=GLOBS option to restrict items to be cleaned.

#1316, #1332, #1367: #1390: rose date: new usage to print the duration between 2 date time points.

#1352, #1283: rosie go, rosie lookup, rosie ls, etc: will now attempt to use Gnome Keyring to store passwords for Rosie web services that require authentication.

Noteworthy Changes

#1400: rose stem: now requires a specific version number in rose-suite.conf.

#1399: rosie go: fix incorrect hover tooltip following a checkout.

#1398: rose_ana: fix an issue where it incorrectly thinks that files in the app's file directory are tests.

#1397: Bracket syntax to allow optional configuration keys to point to missing optional configuration files.

#1396: Fix rose help suite-restart.

#1387: rose.upgrade: new rename_setting function.

#1384: rose config-edit: fix macro running after metadata refresh.

#1383: rose config-edit: stash: fix null profile lookup.

#1381: rose config-edit: fix macro report handling for null or generic settings.

#1370: rose bush cycles: print each cycle's last activity.

#1368: rose metadata: fail-if/warn-if: now work for duplicate sections.

#1366: rose config-edit: handle custom keyword arguments in upgrade macros.

#1364: rosie go: address bar now support HTTPS protocol correctly.

#1362: rose bush: support server side configurations for:

  • cycles list: cycles per page.
  • jobs list: jobs per page, maximum jobs per page.
  • file view: maximum renderable file size.

#1361: rose config-edit: improve sort-key logic.

#1360: Run time file install: incremental install handles file access mode changes correctly.

#1359: rose.config: the open and close square brace characters can no longer be used in section names.

#1356: rose app-upgrade: report import errors from files.

#1354: rose bush: suites list: long strings in column 1 now truncated, but visible on hover over.

#1351: rose metadata: recognise . in id.

#1342: rosie go: fix appearance of new suite in local suites.

#1339: rose config-edit, rosie go: no jumping focus on valuewidget errors.

#1338: rosie go: improve new suite wizard behaviour.

#1336: rose suite-run: ensure that run directory is only initialised in run mode.

#1335: rose config-edit: fix warning on empty namespace/pages.

#1327: rose app-upgrade: better output macro name.

#1325: rosie copy: print full source ID in logs and suite info.

#1320: rose config-edit, rose macro: check id usage in fail-if, warn-if.

#1317: rose stem: configurable autmatic options.

#1306: rose app-upgrade: better error message for upgrade to same version.

2014.06.1 (2014-06-20)

This release of Rose works best with Cylc 5.4.14 and 6.0.0alpha1.

Highlighted Changes

#1302, #1299, #1297, #1291: rose date and rose task-env: support different cycling modes in Cylc. In particular, support 360-day calendar as well as the Gregorian calendar.

Noteworthy Changes

#1296: rose metadata: fix check value for ignored sections' options.

#1295: rose config-edit: fix triggering into duplicate namelists.

2014.06.0 (2014-06-11)

This release of Rose works best with Cylc 5.4.14.

Highlighted Changes

#1271: rose task-env, rose_prune: support ISO 8601 syntax.

Noteworthy Changes

#1282: rose app-run, suite-run, task-run: allow file install targets to overlap.

#1281: rose suite-run (gtk): fix RuntimeError for Queues.

#1279: rose suite-run: fix failure when source suite.rc not writable.

#1278: rosa svn-*-commit: verify and notify owners and users on access-list.

  • rosa svn-pre-commit: verify users in owner and access-list, and improve diagnostics.
  • rosa svn-post-commit: notify users in owner and access-list on changes.
  • Site and user configuration [rosa-svn-pre-commit] section is renamed [rosa-svn].

#1277: rose config-edit: speed up slow loading-up code.

#1275: rose config-edit: tweaks the default page expansion for a single app session.

#1272: rose config-edit: fix user-ignoring duplicate section.

#1264: rose bush: encode cycle time in URL.

#1261: rose config-edit: tweak latent page display.

2014-05 (2014-05-30)

This release of Rose works best with Cylc 5.4.12 and 5.4.13.

Highlighted Changes


Noteworthy Changes

#1274: rose config-edit: fix right clicking on group in STASH widget.

#1259: rose config-edit: fix launching of external utilities.

#1256: rose_prune: work directory: support glob by task name.

#1252: rose env-cat: new --match-mode=brace option to only perform substitution on ${NAME} syntax.

#1249: rose suite-run/clean: improve diagnostics if a suite is still running.

#1244: rose: ensure Rose's bin/, lib/python/ lead PATH, PYTHONPATH.

#1243, #1260: rose suite-run: file install and reload improvements.

  • Improve incremental file install.
  • On reload mode, call cylc reload only if necessary.

#1237: Rose Bush: display if job log db present.

2014-04 (2014-04-28)

This release of Rose works best with Cylc 5.4.12.

Known Issues

Unfortunately, rose date relies on a version of the isodatetime library that is compatible with the version shipped with this release of Rose. The library that is shipped with Cylc 5.4.12 is an earlier version. When used in combination in the same environment, rose date will return an exception. A fix has been introduced in #1244 for the next release, which will ensure that Rose always picks up its own version of the library.

Highlighted Changes

#1202, #1219: rose date: logic reimplemented using the new isodatetime library. Date time and offset formats can now be specified using ISO 8601 syntax. The command will also support pre-historic and futuristic date time. This change also fixes the -u option. When using the current system date/time, the default output format has changed to be ISO 8601 compatible (it follows CCYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss±hh:mm).

#1195, #1199: rose metadata: add spaced list type.

#1191, #1193, #1212: rose metadata-graph: new command using Graphviz for plotting metadata dependencies such as trigger.

Noteworthy Changes

#1228: rose suite-log --update --prune-remote: option now recognised as documented.

#1225: rose app/suite/task-run: file installation: ensure that all relevant tables exist in the file installation configuration SQLite database file.

#1209: rose suite-hook: use configured email host in email addresses without hosts.

#1208: rose config-edit: fix STASH widget starting from empty.

#1206: rose config-dump: don't down case for namelist group name. This change partially reversed #1149.

#1200: rose app-upgrade: fix HEAD broken macro pathway.

#1198: rose config-edit: run startup checks on loading previewed app(s).

#1197: rose stem: allow comma separated values in --task=TASKS and --group=GROUPS options.

#1196: rose metadata: fail-if: handle divide by zero exceptions.

#1194: rose_ana: cumf: include cumf output path in output.

#1190: rosie lookup: allow override of quiet mode print format.

#1187: rose config-dump: fix tidying metadata.

#1186: rose app-upgrade, rose macro: fix relative --config=DIR.

#1184: rose config-edit: fix change meta or project flag.

2014-03 (2014-03-19)

This release of Rose works best with Cylc 5.4.11.

Highlighted Changes

#1163: rose metadata: a compulsory=true option no longer requires its containing section to be compulsory as well.

Noteworthy Changes

#1181: rose stem: fix -C rel/path usage.

#1180: rose suite-scan: scan port files as well. Report left behind port files. Report exceptions for failed cylc scan and ssh commands.

#1177: rose suite-clean: accept --name=NAME. If specified, NAME is appended to the end of the argument list. This allows the interface to be consistent with the other utilities.

#1173: rose app/suite/task-run: handle bad file install mode value. Previously, the system will assume the auto mode if it is given a bad file install mode value. It will now fail.

#1171: rose_ana: print number of values compared.

#1169: rose stem: improve robustness of keyword match.

#1167: rose config-edit: fix general checking for suites.

#1161: rose app-upgrade, rose macro: fix current working directory.

#1159: rose_ana: cumf: read output by lines to reduce memory footprint.

#1157: rose suite-hook --mail: configurable SMTP host.

#1156: rose stem: ensure _BASE variables are working copy tops.

#1153: rose config: fix printing sections with ignored values.

#1151: rose config-edit, rosie go: fix toolbar GTK warning. This problem was discovered on an upgrade from GTK 2.18 to GTK 2.20.

#1149: rose config-dump: down cases namelist keys.

#1147: rose suite-run --reload: fix !CYLC_VERSION problem.

#1146: rose config-edit: improve specific macro messages.

#1145: rose metadata: fix null first values entry.

2014-02 (2014-02-21)

This release of Rose works best with Cylc 5.4.8.

Highlighted Changes


Noteworthy Changes

#1141: rose config-edit: count latent section errors.

#1140: rose config-edit, rosie go: filter all warnings by default.

#1136: rose config --meta: fix finding non-local metadata.

#1132: rose app-upgrade: fix post-upgrade trigger metadata.

#1131: rosie create: obtain user name from ~/.subversion/servers, where relevant.

#1130: Rose Bush: cycles: add paging function. Display 100 cycles per page.

#1127: Rose Bush: jobs: fix pager form to ensure that sort order is maintained.

#1121: rose stem: create _REV and _BASE variables for all projects.

#1119: rose config-edit: fix python list widget.

#1117: rose config-edit: improve performance by reducing updates to the internal data structure.

#1114: rose config-edit: run a macro or upgrade macro with the relevant configuration directory as the current working directory.

#1100, #1101: add syntax highlighting for Rose configuration file in Emacs.

#1097: fix Trac links in all_revs mode, which incorrectly used trunk@HEAD for everything.

#1094: rosie lookup: fix %date in custom format.

2014-01-22 (2014-01-22)

This release of Rose works best with Cylc 5.4.4 to 5.4.7.

Highlighted Changes


Noteworthy Changes

#1095: rose.config: fix bug introduced by #1067. Use of temporary file to dump configuration files results in files that are user read-write only. This fix ensures that files are dumped with the correct permission according to the umask in the environment.

#1092: rose bush: cycles list: display failed jobs totals, where relevant.

#1091: rose suite-log: no longer require rose.bush, which requires cherrypy.

2014-01 (2014-01-20)

This release of Rose works best with Cylc 5.4.4 to 5.4.7.

Highlighted Changes

#1085: rosie web service: the web service database schema has been modified to improve performance. This change requires the rosie web service database to be re-built. To do so, shut down the web service. Remove (or move) the old database file(s) and run the $ROSE_HOME/sbin/rosa db-create command to re-build the database.

#1072, #1084: rose bush: cycles summary and other improvements.

  • New: Cycles list: list numbers of active, succeeded and failed jobs for each cycle time.
  • Jobs list: display host, submit method and ID for running jobs.
  • Jobs list: clickable cycles and task names.
  • Suites list: reduce amount of information displayed for efficiency.

#1057: rose CLI: bash command completion.

Noteworthy Changes

#1090: rose_arch: fix None status in event when source-edit fails.

#1089: rose bush: catch unicode decode error in view.

#1087: document how to contribute to Rose.

#1081: rose config-edit: fix file page unexpected content.

#1068: rose bush: recognise the ready status.

#1067: rose.config.dump: use temporary file to stage.

#1065: rose-bush.js: fix format string and int rounding.

#1064: rosie go: allow actions on out of date working copies.

#1058: rose config-edit: add macro config vetting.

#1056: rose config-edit: trap upgrade macro errors.

Older Releases

Changes in 2013

Rose 2012-11 (Released 2012-11-30) was the 1st release.

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