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Mirror of the hamn project - the code that runs
Python HTML CSS Shell
Latest commit 6f640d0 @mhagander Return proper errorcodes from auth plugin
Instead of raising an exception which will cause both a server log
and an email to be sent, return a proper http 400 message when the
incoming authentication request is bad. This will also show the
proper error message to the client, instead of a generic internal
server error.
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hamnadmin Return proper errorcodes from auth plugin
oauth2 Import the oauth2 library so we can make oauth calls to twitter.
redirector Forgot to make executable..
template Fix link to signup page
www Highlight code/pre blocks in planet posts.
.gitignore Add .gitignore for a bunch of files that are generated
INSTALL.txt Updating installation notes and adding TODO.txt
TODO.txt Updating installation notes and adding TODO.txt Fixes for new verson of feedparser in wheezy Read database from a configfile, so beta can now easily have sort top posters by time of last post Synchronize mailinglist subscriptions using https instead of http Aggregate log reports and don't report on transient errors
planet.ini.sample Update sample INI file with a reborn and a new parameter. Drive twitter posts from the database instead of the RSS feed, since List which members are posting in a team, when a team is listed on Clearly in need of more testing... Need id, not title
schema.sql Register the twitter username of blogs (if any), and include Better way for old python compatibility (should work this time, I think) Add script to generate the short URLs on the commandline, for old posts Avoid using global variable that wasn't intended to be global Update to use twitter API v1.1
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