Monetize your API with LND
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Monetize your API with the Lightning Network Daemon. This project is literally the same as paypercall but for LND instead of c-lightning.

lncall can be used as library for node.js or as reverse proxy for your existing API.


You can implement lncall directly into your node.js application. Please note that if you want to use the middleware function you have to use express. If you don't want to use express you can handle the tokens lncall generates yourself because middleware is just a wrapper of the other functions of lncall.

You can find an example for using lncall here.

Reverse proxy

lncall can also be used as reverse proxy. The rates have to be a JSON string with the API URL as key and the amount you want to charge in Satoshis as value. It could look like this:

    "/sms": 125,
    "/test": 1