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Sends native desktop notifications if CLI apps fail

Technically: if a command exits with an exit code other than 0


To use it in your project:

$ npm install --save-dev cli-error-notifier

To use it globally:

$ npm install --global cli-error-notifier

It requires Node.js (v4 or greater).

General usage

$ onerror --help

  Sends native desktop notifications if CLI apps fail

	  $ onerror <command> [options]

	  --title,   -t   Sets the title of the notification.
	                  Default: "An error has occured"
	  --message, -m   Sets the message body of the notification.
	                  Default: "Check the terminal for more information"
	  --icon,    -i   Sets an icon. Can be any absolute path.
	  --sound,   -s   Defines which sound to use.
	                  Use "mute" to disable default sound notification.
	                  Options: Mute, Basso, Blow, Bottle, Frog, Funk, Glass, Hero,
	                           Morse, Ping, Pop, Purr, Sosumi, Submarine, Tink
	                  Default: Bottle
	  --version  -v   Displays the version number.
	  --help     -h   Displays the help.

	  $ onerror "wget"
	  $ onerror "wget" -s mute
	  $ onerror "wget" -t Error -m "My error message"
	  $ onerror "wget"  -s Glass -i

Usage with npm scripts

This little CLI comes in handy when writing build scripts.

Let’s imagine you have setup the following npm script for linting your JavaScript files:

  "scripts": {
    "eslint": "eslint src",

With using cli-error-notifier a desktop notification can be generated at the moment the linting fails:

  "scripts": {
    "eslint": "onerror \"eslint src\"",

This is especially useful for watching files while developing. You could use it in conjunction with onchange like in the following example:

  "scripts": {
    "eslint": "eslint src",
    "eslint:fix": "npm run eslint --silent -- --fix",
    "eslint:watch": "onchange \"src/**/*.js\" -- onerror \"npm run eslint --silent\""

It also works flawlessly together with npm-run-all.

Cross platform compatibility

cli-error-notifier uses the brilliant node-notifier and therefore should work with Notification Center for macOS, notify-osd/libnotify-bin for Linux, Toasters for Windows 8/10, or taskbar Balloons for earlier Windows versions. Growl is used if none of these requirements are met.


  • onchange - Watch files and folders and run a command when anything is changed.
  • npm-run-all - CLI tool to run multiple npm-scripts in parallel or serial.


MIT © Michael Kühnel