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Botkit is an open source developer tool for building chat bots, apps and custom integrations for major messaging platforms.

This repository contains the core Botkit library, as well as a series of plugins and extensions for connecting Botkit to messaging and chat platforms and other tools in the bot building ecosystem.

Botkit is part of the Microsoft Bot Framework and is released under the MIT Open Source license

Use Botkit

Packages included in this repo

Package Description NPM Status
botkit Botkit Core library NPM Badge
botbuilder-adapter-web A platform adapter for the web NPM Badge
botbuilder-adapter-slack A platform adapter for Slack NPM Badge
botbuilder-adapter-webex A platform adapter for Webex Teams NPM Badge
botbuilder-adapter-hangouts A platform adapter for Google NPM Badge
botbuilder-adapter-twilio-sms A platform adapter for Twilio SMS NPM Badge
botbuilder-adapter-facebook A platform adapter for Facebook Messenger NPM Badge
generator-botkit A Yeoman generator for creating a new Botkit project NPM Badge
botkit-plugin-cms A plugin that adds support for Botkit CMS NPM Badge

Build Botkit locally

This repo contains multiple inter-linked packages containing Botkit Core, platform adapter packages, and some additional plugins and extensions. To build these locally, follow the instructions below.

Install lerna and TypeScript globally:

npm install -g typescript
npm install -g lerna

Clone the entire Botkit project from Github.

git clone

Enter the new folder and install the dependent packages:

cd botkit
npm install

Use lerna to set up the local packages:

lerna bootstrap --hoist

Now, build all of the libraries:

lerna run build

To build updated versions of the class reference documents found in packages/docs, run:

lerna run build-docs