MSTest V2 framework and adapter
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singhsarab Description, WorkItem, CssIteration, CssProjectStructure should *NOT*…
… be treated as traits. (#482)

Attributes like Description should not inherit from TestPropertyAttribute, as eventually TestPropertyAttributes are treated as traits.
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Microsoft Test Framework "MSTest V2"

Welcome to the "MSTest V2" repository, the evolution of the Microsoft Test Framework and Adapter. "MSTest V2" is currently in use in a variety of scenarios including:

  • in the relevant in-box unit test project templates (Visual Studio 2017 Preview 4 onwards)
  • in the Create Unit Tests wizard (Visual Studio 2017 Preview 4 onwards)
  • in the Create IntelliTest wizard (Visual Studio 2017 Preview 4 onwards)

This is a fully supported, open source and cross-platform implementation of the MSTest test framework with which to write tests targeting .NET Framework, .NET Core and ASP.NET Core on Windows, Linux, and Mac. You can read more about MSTest V2 here. For API documentation refer here.

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