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Using Amiberry WHDBooter with RetroPie (Step 1)

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The Guide...

Step 1: Install the Amiberry Emulator

You will require RetroPie for this project. For alternative distributions, paths may differ.

Since you must use Amiberry for this project, you can do this simply from updating your RetroPie scripts and installing Amiberry as as additional package from source and set it as your default Amiga emulator, and you can then skip the rest of this step. This is shown in the pictures below.

Picture Guide

Wait for install to complete.

Following this, the Amiga system and a base 'Launch Amiberry' option will be available from the RetroPie/EmulationStation menu.


  • Open: Retropie Setup from the RetroPie menu in EmulationStation

    • Select: Manage Packages
    • Select: Manage Optional Packages
    • Select: Amiberry
    • Select: Install from source
    • Wait: Appox 10-15 minutes on Raspberry Pi 3 (11:33)
    • Select: Back / Back / Back
    • Select: Perform Reboot
    • Select: Yes
  • From Emulation Station

    • Select: Amiga
    • Check that Amiga/+Start Amiberry is now present.
    • If not, please repeat the above, or refer to help via the RetroPie Forums
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