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Using Amiberry WHDBooter with RetroPie (Step 3)

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The Guide...

Step 3: Install game data files

Files supported by the Amiberry WHDLoad booter are the 'pre-installed' WHDLoad games. The most common of these are those which are distributed as "Retroplay's WHD Games"

You are going to need place your game files into the roms section of RetroPie. These should be in the 'LHA' format, which is an Amiga compression format.


The .lha files here should be placed directly into:


An example of LHA games installed on RetroPie, via OSX

Running / Testing Games:

You will need to restart EmulationStation for newly added game to appear within you gamelist.

When booting a game, if you are presented with the following AmigaDOS error;

	WHDLoad: Unknown Command
	WHDLoad failed return code 10

Press F12 or the Retroarch-Menu combo (e.g. hotkey+triange) to enter the Amiberry menu - Select: Paths (panel) - Select: "Update WHDLoad Database/XML" (whilst connected to the internet)

THis should resolve any issues with missing booter files.

A word of Note:

When copying across files directly onto memory cards, it is recommended to ensure the ownership permissions have been retained. RetroPie itself includes an option for this in it's own settings/config menus called "Restore Ownership of /pi/roms" or similar.

You can do this manually from the command line with the following;

  sudo chown -hR pi:pi /home/pi/RetroPie

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