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Image generation via genetic algorithm.
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This is an attempt at generating an output image from a source picture by mutating a group of semi-transparent polygons.

I wanted to do something similar to this:

animated gif of generated image generated image

The code is still very thrown together but it produces some acceptable results. Generating the image above took a couple of hours though so there's room for improvements.

I'd be happy to hear about ideas on how to improve the algorithm/code.

Install requirements

  • Create virtualenv

    virtualenv .
  • Install requirements

    bin/pip install -r requirements
  • (optional) PIL might have to be installed like this

    bin/pip install PIL --allow-external PIL --allow-unverified PIL --upgrade


  • Running the script

    bin/python src/ <path_to_img>

Use a small source image (e.g. with a maximum size of 512x512 pixels). The generated image files will be created in your system's temp directory.


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