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An Object-Oriented Platform for Arduino Programming.

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Adding support for EEPROM upload from constant value.

1. Allow EEMEM memory type definition in source.
2. Cosa build with eeprom file definition.
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Mikael Patel authored

Che Cosa?

Cosa is an object-oriented platform for Arduino. It replaces the Arduino and Wiring library with a large set of integrated classes that support the full range of AVR/ATmega/ATtiny internal hardware modules; all pin modes, Digital, and Analog Pins, External and Pin Change Interrupts, Analog Comparator, PWM, Watchdog, Timer0 (RTC), Timer1 (Servo/Tone/VWI), UART, USI, SPI, TWI and EEPROM.

More details are available in doc and install.

Cosa API

The API documentation is available :

The documentation contains a full hyperlinked description of all functions in Cosa together with UML graphs of the class hierarchy, includedependencies, and much more.

The provided documentation is generated with doxygen and may also be generated for users source code if the Cosa documentation style is adapted. See the Doxyfile for configuration of doxygen.

Supported Boards and MCUs

Cosa has built-in support for a large number of boards and clones/vendors. It also supports breadboards and custom-design boards with AVR MCUs.


  2. Processing,
  3. Wiring,
  4. Arduino,
  5. Firmata,
  6. LilyPad,
  7. Jeelabs,
  8. Microduino,
  9. Teensy,
  10. Pinoccio,
  11. LowPowerLab,
  12. Anarduino,
  13. Quantum Leaps,
  15. Protothreads,
  16. Arduino Low Power,
  17. Virtual Wire,
  18. MQTT,
  19. ThingSpeak,


  • "Cosa"; noun thing, matter; pronoun; what?, what!.
  • "Che cosa"; pronoun; what.
  • "Ciao"; interjection hello!, goodbye!.
  • "Cosa fai"; what do you do?
  • "Rete"; network
  • "Nucleo"; kernel

Stay tuned

Please follow the development of this project on the blog and on the Arduino forum,,150299.0.html.

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