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A simple macOS app to create valid file and url names from clipboard text. #pypackage


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A simple macOS app to create valid file and url names from clipboard text.


If you ever need to take text like this:

Fastest drivers' times

And convert it to something you could use in a URL or filename, such as:


Then here's a simple macOS menubar app that does text transforms such as these with a single click. It just takes the text in the clipboard and replaces it with a filename friendly version.


Just download the latest release .zip file, uncompress it and copy into your Applications folder.

Latest release at:

If you want URLify to start when you login, just follow these steps:

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Click Users & Groups
  3. Click Login Items
  4. Click the ‘+‘ sign and find
  5. click the Add button

Launching app

The first time you download the app, macOS may give you a warning that the developer is not verified and it can't run. You're welcome to heed that warning, but if you trust it enough, right-click and choose open rather than double-clicking it and then you'll get a prompt where you can run anyway.

After running once, macOS will allow it to run without complaining afterwards.

Building locally

If you want to build the app from source, it's pretty standard Python:

# Create and activate a virtual environment
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ python py2app 

The output .app file will be the dist folder.