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Script Player

It allows you to manipulate the properties of windows and controls at run time.

Just add global extension "ScriptPlayer", and run the program with a command line parameter: "Myapp.exe ScriptPlayer=Myscript.xml" or set script name in INI file:


You don't need to write any line of code!

Short video

Areas of use:

  • Easy localization
  • Adapting to different screen resolutions
  • Uniform GUI
  • Quick "on field" redesign without the need to rebuild the app

Additional features:

  • Export listboxes to Excel/HTML/CSV/XML
  • Capture any window contents
  • Call MESSAGE()
  • Custom window caption
  • Toggle FullScreen mode


  • C6 and higher, ABC/Legacy
  • EasyXML

No black boxes, only pure Clarion code (class and template).


v1.xx - $80 v2.xx - $120

Demo appliaction

Standard School app with ScriptPlayer template. If you run school.exe without command line parameter and without [ScriptPlayer] section in INI file, the program behavior is not changed. If you run "school.exe ScriptPlayer=school.xml" (or provided school_test.cmd), you'll see the difference:

  • All main menu items are "translated" (just UPPERCASEd for simplicity)
  • All buttons are flat
  • Main frame title text is changed
  • Procedure BrowseStudents is called
  • In BrowseStudents:
    active TAB is changed to 2nd
    "Close" button is bold
    listbox is colorized
    Export to Excel|Html|Xml|CSV allowed
  • On exit of application the MESSAGE("Bye-bye") is thrown.
  • school.log file created.
  • Pressing Ctrl-Shift-P captures active window and saves the image on disk.

You can use INI settings instead of command line parameter:


XML script

In xml scripts you can use almost all events and writeable window/control properties. It allowed to POST(Event:Accepted), POST(Event:Selected), set window/control properties, or evaluate expressions. Full list of available events, actions, and properties see in the \docs subfolder.

  • See "docs\How-To.txt" to learn more about script syntax.
  • Also see provided xml scripts, they contain the comments.




  • NEW: FullScreen mode. You can define hot key to toggle the application between FullScreen and Windowed modes:
    <procedure name="Main" fullscreenkey="F12"/>

School.exe supports F12 key to toggle FullScreen mode.

  • CHG: APPNAME-CONTROLS.txt file now contains LIST and COMBO fields and field properties:
      LIST         ?Browse:1
          Field #01    TEA:LastName 
            Header       Last Name
            Picture      @S20
            Format       80L(2)|M~Last Name~@S20@
          Field #02    TEA:FirstName 
            Header       First Name
            Picture      @S20
            Format       80L(2)|M~First Name~@S20@
          Field #03    MAJ:Description 
            Header       Department
            Picture      @S20
            Format       80L(2)|M~Department~@S20@


  • FIX: command line corruption.
  • FIX: Window{PROP:Pixels} was not restored.
  • CHG: new procedure's attributes "starts-with" and "contains".
  • CHG: height of custom caption can be specified.
  • CHG: themed controls now can accept "disabled" values.

See release notes for details.


  • FIX: possible program crash on window closing if custom caption used.
  • NEW: "inactivetext" caption's section allows to define caption text properties when a window gets inactive.

See release notes for details.


  • NEW: window themes. A theme is a combination of window/controls visual properties, like background, color, font style etc.
  • NEW: custom window caption.
  • NEW: window animations (at this moment enabled only when closing windows).

See release notes for details.


  • NEW: inline function parameters.
  • CHG: school.xml now includes the code to prevent program hanging caused by App frame menu activation.

See release notes for details.


  • Property conditions added. For example, you can change pictures to @d10-b for all entries whose picture is @d1.

See release notes for details.


  • Support for field="?" added (it assumes current field returning by FIELD() function)

See release notes for details.


  • "Export" now supports Page loaded browse boxes.


  • new action "CALL" allows to call Clarion functions (over 20 functions: Logic Control, Event/Window/Keyboard/Drag-and-Drop Processing, Operating System Procedures);
  • discount period expired.

See release notes for details.


  • new ACTION:Capture to capture active window;
  • new "charset" attribute of properties (applied to "charset", "fontcharset" and "style:charset" properties).
    See release notes for details.


  • Bugfixes, improvements and new features.
    See release notes for details.


  • Localization has has never been easier! New attribute "language" (global or procedure level) defines "language" section where all texts are located.
  • Pseudo-event "BeforeAcceptLoop" allows to set SYSTEM properties before ACCEPT loop (this is necessary for example to localize main frame menu: SYSTEM{PROP:CharSet}=CHARSET:CYRILLIC).
  • PROPLIST:xxx allowed.
  • PROPSTYLE:xxx allowed.
  • For properties which expect COLOR value, now you can use "color" attribute.
  • Properties which are arrays now can use "index" attribute.

See release notes for details.


  • you can now set properties for "System" variable.
  • events "AlertKey" and "PreAlertKey" can be limited by key pressed.
  • new action "Export" allows to export LIST contents to Excel2007/Html/Xml/Csv formats.
  • you can now specify "logfile" (on global or procedure level), to automatically log the program behaviour (procedure name, thread, event, field, keycode).
    Events placed in log file are: EVENT:Accepted, EVENT:AlertKey, EVENT:CloseDown, EVENT:CloseWindow, EVENT:NewSelection, EVENT:OpenWindow.

See release notes for details.


  • new ACTION:ChangeText - shortcut for SetProp(text) and allows to significally reduce amount of script lines.
  • new "type" attribute for actions used to set properties of all controls with same type at once. See available types in docs\types.txt.
  • new section applied to all procedures in an app.
  • template now generates app-CONTROLS.txt file with type of controls.

See release notes for details.


Initial release

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