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pocesar commented Jun 11, 2019

I'm trying to convert the C code for TaskScheduler COM to rust, and currently stuck with the VARIANT argument of ITaskService::Connect:

    //  Create an instance of the Task Service.
    let mut p_service: *mut ITaskService = unsafe { std::mem::zeroed() };

    let hr = unsafe {
mpolicki commented Jul 28, 2018

I tried using the ScreenToClient and ClientToScreen methods in WinApi/WinApi/Windows/NativeWindow.cs because I thought they did the same thing as the Windows functions of the same name. But, after getting unexpected results, I noticed that the methods had AdjustWindowRectEx/InverseAdjustWindowRectEx calls in them as well, which results in something other than a simple client/screen coord

Mercury13 commented Mar 11, 2019

Problem/Request description

(посмотрите картинку в масштабе 100%, это важно!)

Проблема низкоприоритетная (Mahou — утилита, которую настроил и забыл), тем не менее, может, есть какие-то пути решения в вашем фреймворке?

Я ещё не смотрел, как в Mahou работают плавающие окошки, ра

VictorZakharov commented Dec 24, 2017

Highlight window borders in red, put application name and its window coordinates on top, live sync to mouse coordinates - or any combination of those (shown before user clicks anything), to help them pick a window.

Currently only mouse coordinates are shown when user moves the mouse in capture overlay, which was the initial debug information to help me build the product. Time to make this featu

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