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Minetest server list

Setting up the webpage

You will have to install node.js, doT.js and their dependencies to compile the server list webpage template.

First install node.js, e.g.:

# apt-get install nodejs
# # OR:
# pacman -S nodejs
# # OR:
# emerge nodejs

Then install doT.js and its dependencies:

$ cd ~
$ npm install dot commander mkdirp

And finally compile the template:

$ cd static
$ ~/node_modules/dot/bin/dot-packer -s .

You can now serve the webpage by copying the files in static/ to your web root, or by starting the master server.

Embedding the server list in a page

		var master = {
			root: '',
			limit: 10,
			clients_min: 1,
			no_flags: 1,
			no_ping: 1,
			no_uptime: 1
	<div id="server_list"></div>
<script src="list.js"></script>

Setting up the server

  1. Install Python 3 and pip:
pacman -S python python-pip
# OR:
apt-get install python3 python3-pip
  1. Install required Python packages:
# You might have to use pip3 if your system defaults to Python 2
pip install -r requirements.txt
  1. If using in production, install uwsgi and it's python plugin:
pacman -S uwsgi uwsgi-plugin-python
# OR:
apt-get install uwsgi uwsgi-plugin-python
# OR:
pip install uwsgi
  1. Configure the server by adding options to See for defaults.

  2. Start the server:

$ ./
$ # Or for production:
$ uwsgi -s /tmp/minetest-master.sock --plugin python -w server:app --enable-threads
$ # Then configure according to
  1. (optional) Configure the proxy server, if any. You should make the server load static files directly from the static directory. Also, /list should be served from list.json. Example for nginx:
root /path/to/server/static;
rewrite ^/list$ /list.json;
try_files $uri @uwsgi;
location @uwsgi {
	uwsgi_pass ...;


The Minetest master server is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1 or later (LGPLv2.1+). A LICENSE.txt file should have been supplied with your copy of this software containing a copy of the license.


The global Minetest server list server




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