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Flint & steel sounds: Fix bugs caused by nil position
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Usage and tool break sounds were played at 'pointed_thing.above' which
can be nil if not pointing at anything or at an entity. This caused
sounds to be played to all players on a server non-positionally.

Fallback to player pos for sounds if 'pointed_thing.above' is nil.

Replace 'pt' variable with 'pointed_thing' in 'register_tool'.
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paramat committed Mar 10, 2017
1 parent c52ad14 commit ad118ea
Showing 1 changed file with 9 additions and 9 deletions.
18 changes: 9 additions & 9 deletions mods/fire/init.lua
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Expand Up @@ -80,27 +80,27 @@ minetest.register_tool("fire:flint_and_steel", {
sound = {breaks = "default_tool_breaks"},

on_use = function(itemstack, user, pointed_thing)
local pt = pointed_thing
local sound_pos = pointed_thing.above or user:get_pos()
{pos = pt.above, gain = 0.5, max_hear_distance = 8}
{pos = sound_pos, gain = 0.5, max_hear_distance = 8}
if pt.type == "node" then
local node_under = minetest.get_node(pt.under).name
if pointed_thing.type == "node" then
local node_under = minetest.get_node(pointed_thing.under).name
local nodedef = minetest.registered_nodes[node_under]
if not nodedef then
local player_name = user:get_player_name()
if minetest.is_protected(pt.under, player_name) then
if minetest.is_protected(pointed_thing.under, player_name) then
minetest.chat_send_player(player_name, "This area is protected")
if nodedef.on_ignite then
nodedef.on_ignite(pt.under, user)
nodedef.on_ignite(pointed_thing.under, user)
elseif minetest.get_item_group(node_under, "flammable") >= 1
and minetest.get_node(pt.above).name == "air" then
minetest.set_node(pt.above, {name = "fire:basic_flame"})
and minetest.get_node(pointed_thing.above).name == "air" then
minetest.set_node(pointed_thing.above, {name = "fire:basic_flame"})
if not minetest.setting_getbool("creative_mode") then
Expand All @@ -109,7 +109,7 @@ minetest.register_tool("fire:flint_and_steel", {
-- Tool break sound
if itemstack:get_count() == 0 and wdef.sound and wdef.sound.breaks then
minetest.sound_play(wdef.sound.breaks, {pos = pt.above, gain = 0.5})
minetest.sound_play(wdef.sound.breaks, {pos = sound_pos, gain = 0.5})
return itemstack
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