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  1. CI20_linux CI20_linux Public

    Forked from torvalds/linux

    Linux kernel source tree with MIPS Creator CI20 (JZ4780 based) board patches/development for upstreaming

    C 53 24

  2. CI20_u-boot CI20_u-boot Public

    MIPS Creator CI20 dev board u-boot fork (for development and upstreaming)

    C 25 22

  3. manifests manifests Public


    15 13

  4. FreeRTOS FreeRTOS Public

    This is a fork of FreeRTOS providing support for mips32 compliant cores from mip32r2 to mips32r6 and includes support for the microMIPS ISA

    14 7

  5. meos meos Public

    C 12 3

  6. meta-img meta-img Public

    BSP layer for Yocto/OpenEmbedded providing MIPS based machine targets

    BitBake 11 5


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