An e-commerce storefront for Python and Django
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Saleor is a high-performance e-commerce solution created with Python and Django.

We believe that better service-based architecture means productive developers, trying to keep it simple, lightweight, and modular.

Built with top-notch technologies. Django, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, GraphQL and Docker.

Visit our homepage to find out more

Getting started

💾 Installation and requirements

Saleor requires Python 3.5+, Node.js 10.0+, PostgreSQL and OS-specific dependency tools.

See the Saleor docs for step-by-step installation and deployment instructions.

▶️ Demo

Want to see Saleor in action?

View Storefront | View Dashboard (admin area)

Or launch the demo on a free Heroku instance.


Login credentials:

Get involved

❤️ Community

🎁 Contribute

Any contributions are warmly welcomed, we will do our best to provide you with mentorship and support throughout the whole collaboration.

If you are looking for an issue to tackle, take a look at issues labelled Help Wanted.

Some of them however might not be listed yet. Check our roadmap or if you think of your own feature, then drop us a message and we will discuss the most efficient way to handle it!

If you have any ideas, just open an issue and tell us what you think!

Get more details in our Contributing Guide.

🌎 Translate

Did you know that Saleor is available in almost 30 languages, translated entirely by our community?

If you'd like to help us, you can join one of our translation teams on the localization platform Transifex.

The repository gets synchronized weekly with the latest contributions.

📝 Your feedback

Do you use Saleor as an e-commerce platform? Fill out this short survey and help us grow. It will take just a minute, but mean a lot!

Take a survey

Commercial support

Disclaimer: everything you see here is open and free to use as long as you comply with the license. It is not bait to force you to pay us later and we promise to do our best to fix bugs and improve the code.

Some situations however call for extra code being written. Whether you need us to cover an exotic use case or build you a custom e-commerce appliance, our team can help.

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