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{"keys": ["super+shift+c"], "command": "shell_prompt"},
{"keys": ["super+shift+x"], "command": "shell_prompt", "args": { "run_previous": true } },
{"keys": ["shift+super+alt+c"], "command": "subprocess_in_cwd", "args": {
// This AppleScript requires the access for assistive
// devices to be turned on in the Universal Access system
// preferences. Using Cmd-T keystroke instead (which
// doesn't require the above setting) does not work if keys
// are still held down from the Sublime Text keybinding.
"cmd": "osascript -e 'tell application \"Terminal\"' -e 'activate' -e 'tell application \"System Events\" to click menu item \"Basic\" of ((process \"Terminal\")'\\''s (menu bar 1)'\\''s (menu bar item \"Shell\")'\\''s (menu \"Shell\")'\\''s (menu item \"New Tab\")'\\''s (menu \"New Tab\"))' -e \"do script with command \\\"cd '$PWD' && clear\\\" in window 1\" -e 'end tell'",
// Wait for AppleScript to return a successful exit code. This allows
// for showing any error message the script may cause. For instance, if
// the user doesn't have their "Access for assistive devices" setting
// enabled.
"wait": true
} }