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SEO optimize pagination with rel="prev" & rel="next" #183

Rio517 opened this Issue Sep 15, 2011 · 25 comments


None yet

Rio517 commented Sep 15, 2011

I wanted to propose that will_paginate include a view helper for SEO optimization, per a recent official Google blog post

<link rel="prev" href="http://www.example.com/article?story=abc&page=1&sessionid=123" />
<link rel="next" href="http://www.example.com/article?story=abc&page=3&sessionid=123" />

link: http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com/2011/09/pagination-with-relnext-and-relprev.html



mislav commented Sep 15, 2011

Hey! That would be valid use if we didn't have actual hyperlinks with rel="prev/next", which we have for a long time now each time you generate pagination with will_paginate().

Per HTML5 spec, these rel values are a good enough hint to the user agent that these point to the resources that represent previous/next pages of results. We shouldn't need additional <link> elements in the <head>.

@mislav mislav closed this Sep 15, 2011

If I were to do this how would it be implemented?

"Google indexing of paginated content, rel="next" and rel="prev" declarations belong in the <head> section, not in the body as anchor links."


forest commented May 10, 2012

You would think that rel next/prev on the actual links would be good enough, but not so according to Google.

Here is an example from kaminari.

That feature would be very much appreciated. As others stated here, google only considers relevant the rel attributes inside a link tag, not in an 'a' tag. I am going to do a dirty patch for my project. If things turn out well, I can make a pull request.

csgavino commented Jun 6, 2013

Bump, has this ever been solved?


mislav commented Jun 6, 2013

Not that I know of. The solution would require a separate will_paginate helper method to generate the <link> tags, as well as a method to inject those in the current page's <head>. This is not straightforward to do in Rails, and would require changes to your app's layout(s).

Fernan2 commented Jul 15, 2013

Our SEO has just asked us for this; and although Kaminari already supports, Kaminari lacks of anchoring support, which is very useful for us... I will also appreciate this, but in the meantime, I'll ask @tganzarolli for his dirty patch.


mislav commented Jul 15, 2013

Alright, gonna reopen this and anyone is welcome to take a stab at the implementation.

@mislav mislav reopened this Jul 15, 2013

Pretty much straight port of Kaminari's method in my pull request #324

Fernan2 commented Oct 7, 2013

It will be nice if you could merge @lloydmeta 's PR...


Just checking in on the status of this pull request. Any chance of it being included?

I would like this merged as well!

johnpash commented Feb 4, 2015


subimage commented Apr 1, 2015


scruti commented Apr 1, 2015


aleks commented Aug 5, 2015

We are in need of this too! A merge would be kinda cool. 👍



alpemaca commented Dec 1, 2015


@jonatack jonatack added a commit to jonatack/will_paginate that referenced this issue Dec 6, 2015

@jonatack jonatack Add #pagination_link_tags helper method
This is a port of PR #324 by @lloydmeta in will_paginate:


in response to issue #183:

'SEO optimize pagination with rel="prev" & rel="next"'


jonatack commented Dec 6, 2015

Thanks @lloydmeta for the PR. I merged it into my version of will_paginate for Ruby 2.2/Rails 5.

Folks, +1 comments aren't helpful. If you want this feature (or any other), just fork the gem and merge it in 😃

@mpolakis mpolakis added a commit to mpolakis/will_paginate that referenced this issue Mar 11, 2016

@jonatack @mpolakis jonatack + mpolakis Add #pagination_link_tags helper method
This is a port of PR #324 by @lloydmeta in will_paginate:


in response to issue #183:

'SEO optimize pagination with rel="prev" & rel="next"'


Thanks @lloydmeta and @jonatack for your work on this issue. Also, thanks @mislav for building this wonderful gem. Any idea if you actually intend to merge this? If yes, when? Thanks.

dignoe commented Apr 21, 2016

I've made a gist on how to monkey patch will_paginate v3.0.7 to add rel="next" & rel="prev" links to your header. I only use this on pages that require custom link generation, so this also includes a patch to use a custom url generator if a specific option is passed.


erpe commented Sep 9, 2016

if you don't like monkey patching: a simple view-helper as a rails-railtie: https://github.com/erpe/rails_will_paginate_seo_helper

@christemple christemple pushed a commit to notonthehighstreet/will_paginate that referenced this issue Oct 6, 2016

@jonatack jonatack + Christopher Temple and Geza Kiss Add #pagination_link_tags helper method
This is a port of PR #324 by @lloydmeta in will_paginate:


in response to issue #183:

'SEO optimize pagination with rel="prev" & rel="next"'

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