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Syntax definition for Go assembly for Sublime Text

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Syntax definition for Go assembly for Sublime Text. Work in progress.


Go has its own meta-assembly. Other assembly plugins for ST can't handle its idiosyncratic syntax.

Reading assembly is helpful when profiling, and teaches you more about how the language works and what your program actually does.


Clone this repository into ST's Packages folder. On MacOS, this is usually "/Users/<user>/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3/Packages". Find it using Sublime's menu → Preferences → Browse Packages.

It will automatically pick up *.s and *.goasm files. The latter is made-up as a way to disambiguate assembly formats.

Getting Started

Read this documentation on Go assembly:

Output assembly for a program:

go build -gcflags -S

For syntactic support, output the assembly to a file:

go build -gcflags -S 2> asm.goasm



I'm receptive to suggestions. If this package almost satisfies you but needs changes, open an issue or chat me up. Contacts:


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