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Tang7 commented Nov 26, 2019

Inside of the variadic function, func Sum(a int, more, more is a slice of int, []int. Since it is the compiler converts the variadic parameters into a slice of type int.

But when defining the variadic function, it is incorrect to claim more int 对应 []int 切片类型.
Tyring Sum(1, []int{2,3,4}) causes a stack overflow error. Since more is already a slice and compiler

schierlm commented Oct 20, 2019

I think stdio calls (getC, putC) could need some documentation what userspace can expect from drivers and what not. Of course, it can always happen that a certain device cannot fulfill those expectations, but in that cases you at least know that you may have to update every userspace tool too, and not only make a glue.asm for the kernel.


  • What character set is every stdi
nitro2k01 commented Jan 3, 2020

Pan Docs was as far as I'm concerned in spirit intended to be a living document, updated as time goes by. However, in practice, it has stayed stale at the version last edited in 2001 by nocash. What I'm suggesting is a Github repo in the gbdev organization which contains a document in the same spirit as Pan Docs, but with the ability to continually improve it. It could also be placed in awesome-gb

gaiajeon commented Feb 8, 2018

scouter를 적용하여 모니터링 하는 시스템에서 완성 SQL을 위한 bind parameter 기능 실행 시 오류가 있어 올립니다.

profile (캡쳐한 이미지의 아래 쪽 query)

bind parameter 선택시 (캡쳐한 이미지의 아래쪽 에러 메시지)

원인은 bind해야할 파라미터 갯수는 5개

Barteks2x commented Jun 13, 2018

I'm honestly not sure if it should be considered a bug. I've been unknowingly relying on this "feature" for my mod to work for quite a long time now But at least it should be documented somewhere because it's very surprising, unexpected behavior.

Take the Chunk class as an example. It has 2 constructors - one that takes World and 2 ints, and one that on top of that takes a ChunkPrimer. The seco

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