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My weird emacs configuration
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emacs-setup: my weird emacs configuration

It's a bit unorthodox in a way that it replaces traditional emacs keybindings like "C-x ..." and "C-c ..." with more mainstream copy-paste ops, same for the rest of weirdish emacs-only conventions.

emacs keyboard setup

Since I started using emacs as an $EDITOR in 2009 and didn't know about any modes that make it more mainstream-ish back then (not sure they existed at that point, and/or merged into mainline), it can be hacky and can probably be done in an easier and more supported way now, which is just impractical for me to adopt since I already have what I need here.


Some elisp code here is merged from other projects and should have respective license blurb and attribution at the top. Feel free to ping me if it's missing.

PNG icons were taken from various open-source projects and probably are subject to some licenses as well.

The rest (my code) I don't really care about - WTFPL, Public Domain, Beerware, GPL (can be coupled with GPL code) or something like that.

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