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necolas commented Oct 13, 2012

It seems that we should sunset this project, given that it has largely moved into yeoman. The plan seems to be to break it up into individual grunt tasks too. Thoughts?


mklabs commented Oct 14, 2012

You're absolutely true.

That's something I was thinking about since quite some time, I'm glad you opened up that issue Nicolas.

cc'ing @paulirish @addyosmani @sindresorhus

Most of the effort on the node build script has shifted to the yeoman project,
which has started has a fork of this project and is basically a version of

My original thinking was to rework node-build-script a bit for now to:

  • Kill of the tasks implementation in this repo, which are plain duplicate of
    the tasks we can find in yeoman's tasks/ folder.
  • Define yeoman as a project dependency.
  • Shape node-build-script as regular grunt plugin,
    grunt.loadNpmTask('yeoman')-ing the tasks bundled in yeoman.
  • No h5bp or yeoman binary wrapper.
  • Create a simple generator to generate the standard Gruntfile and necessary

The result of this is for now in the ymn branch: | 0d68540

necolas commented Oct 14, 2012

I don't follow why you'd define yeoman as a project dependency? I guess I misunderstood, but I thought the idea was for both yeoman and this project to push tasks out into separate repos that could potentially be used standalone, but are then brought together in larger projects like yeoman. Anyway, keep me posted on what the future of this repo is. Thanks.

+1 ;)

I'm stalking you on github @necolas

necolas commented Nov 14, 2012

Where are we at with this, Mickael?

I think there's good value in having a vanilla frontend build script like this, and something with more extras like yeoman.

I think it'd be genius to maybe break yeoman into 2 parts, yeoman (main core) and yeoman-extras. The main yeoman wouldn't really be any different than node-build-script.

Another setup could be where node-build-script is a dependency of yeoman, and by default yeoman contains the extras things that it currently does.

The whole web should use the core functionality of node-build-script, but everyone might not care for yeoman.


mklabs commented Nov 17, 2012

Hey, yep that's what I'm starting to think. Right now, node-build-script is not evolving that much (no big new features), but I'm still concerned about bug fixes.

I agree with you @devinrhode2, from the start, yeoman should have used node-build-script as a node dep, that would have made stuff much easier to me. I feel a bit sad that I didn't yell at the very beginning of the project, now things will be a bit more complicated (history have diverged, tasks have diverged in both repos, etc.)

next yeoman is going to be lot different, the yeoman team is seriously thinking about spliting much of the tasks as standalone task, node-build-script may benefit from that, not sure yet.

Or .. I can wake up a day and decide to rewrite everything.

necolas commented Mar 17, 2013

What's the deal with now? Are you still planning on doing something with this?


drublic commented Jun 28, 2013

Since there isn't any progress with this project I think we should at least add some note to it that it's unsupported. Still runs on grunt 0.3.x too.
In case we want to have at least some kind of build system for node I think we should think about a Gruntfile that has some helpers that you can easily drop in from another repo. Or we include it with HTML5 BP right away…

necolas commented Jul 25, 2013

@drublic Let's kill this. Please could you edit the README to make it clear that it's no longer supported. Then we can look to move this to @mklabs's account.

drublic added a commit to drublic/node-build-script that referenced this issue Aug 29, 2013


drublic commented Aug 29, 2013

Don't have rights to push to the repo, so I did a PR.

Can anyone with rights move the repo over to @mklabs' account?

@roblarsen roblarsen closed this in #83 Aug 29, 2013

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