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The h5bp build script now has two versions, the main one being the [ant-build-script][]. This project is the node version, and it uses Grunt as a build tool.

It is packaged as a grunt plugin and provides you a bunch of tasks and helpers to help improve the performance of your site/app in a production environment.


This node/grunt-based build script tries to be as close as possible to the [ant-build-script][], a really great project you should check out.

It is still in early stage of development, but it'll get better and better, based on your feedbacks.

Quick start

Fancy one line install:

# see the gist: https://gist.github.com/2359881
$ curl https://raw.github.com/gist/2359881/install.sh | sh

Slightly less fancier

$ npm install https://github.com/h5bp/node-build-script/tarball/master -g
$ h5bp help
$ h5bp init


  • Concats / Compresses JS
  • Concats / Compresses CSS
  • Inline CSS imports via
  • Basic to aggressive html minification
  • Renames JS/CSS to prepend a hash of their contents for easier versioning
  • Does the necessary regex replacements in html files and templates
  • Experimental dom-based (with [JSDOM][]) build system.
  • May rerun the build script on file changes (grunt's watch task ❤)
  • May automatically reload the page in your browsers whenever watched files change, through some [socket.io] magic.

Getting started

[Getting Started]: https://github.com/cowboy/grunt/blob/master/docs/getting_started.md#readme) [JSDOM]: https://github.com/tmpvar/jsdom [ant-build-script]: https://github.com/h5bp/ant-build-script [socket.io]: http://socket.io