L1: Tensor Studio — The playground for tensors
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L1: Tensor Studio

L1: Tensor Studio is a live-programming environment for differentiable linear algebra. The playground for tensors.


Live Demo | Documentation | Examples


L1 is a playground for differentiable linear algebra, heavily used in Machine Learning. It frees your mind from accidental complexities of programming, and lets you focus your attention on the underlying math to further strengthen your intuition.


Become the standard tool for prototyping new Machine Learning ideas. More...


  • designed for rapid learning and prototyping
  • helpful live visualization
  • elegant pure functional language
  • eager execution
  • auto-broadcast for tensor operations
  • fast GPU-accelerated calculations
  • awesome built-in documentation
  • syntax-highlightning and code-completion


What's comming?

  • variable tensors and optimization
  • richer set of operators
  • pre-trained models
  • loading data, I/O
  • etc.


  • None of the mobile browsers are supported
  • Firefox is rather slow and has unpredictable behavior – #3
    • please use Chrome for best experience
  • Edge looks visually off, but works OK


Any form of help and feedback is welcome – including PRs, reporting bugs, suggesting ideas, shooting down existing ideas, creating new examples, promotion, testing, etc.

This project is under MIT license.

Thank you

Big thank you to these great projects and awesome people behind them:

This thing is stealing great ideas from: