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Column Options

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Options which you can apply to the columns objects.

Option Default Description
asyncPostRender null This accepts a function of the form function(cellNode, row, dataContext, colDef) and is used to post-process the cell’s DOM node / nodes
behavior null Used by the the slick.rowMoveManager.js plugin for moving rows. Has no effect without the plugin installed.
cannotTriggerInsert null In the “Add New” row, determines whether clicking cells in this column can trigger row addition. If true, clicking on the cell in this column in the “Add New” row will not trigger row addition.
cssClass ”” Accepts a string as a class name, applies that class to every row cell in the column.
defaultSortAsc true When set to true, the first user click on the header will do a ascending sort. When set to false, the first user click on the header will do an descending sort.
editor null The editor for cell edits {TextEditor, IntegerEditor, DateEditor…} See slick.editors.js
field ”” The property name in the data object to pull content from. (This is assumed to be on the root of the data object.)
focusable true When set to false, clicking on a cell in this column will not select the row for that cell. The cells in this column will also be skipped during tab navigation.
formatter null This accepts a custom formatter, a function of the form function(row, cell, value, columnDef, dataContext) and returns a formatted version of the data in each cell of this column. For example, setting formatter to function(r, c, v, cd, dc) { return “Hello!”; } would overwrite every value in the column with “Hello!” See defaultFormatter in slick.grid.js for an example formatter. Please note: the default formatter takes care of escaping HTML special characters. You probably want to do so on your own.
headerCssClass null Accepts a string as a class name, applies that class to the cell for the column header.
id ”” A unique identifier for the column within the grid.
maxWidth null Set the maximum allowable width of this column, in pixels.
minWidth 30 Set the minimum allowable width of this column, in pixels.
name ”” The text to display on the column heading.
rerenderOnResize false If set to true, whenever this column is resized, the entire table view will rerender.
resizable true If false, column can no longer be resized.
selectable true If false, when a row is selected, the CSS class for selected cells (“selected” by default) is not applied to the cell in this column.
sortable false If true, the column will be sortable by clicking on the header.
toolTip ”” If set to a non-empty string, a tooltip will appear on hover containing the string.
width Width of the column in pixels. (May often be overridden by things like minWidth, maxWidth, forceFitColumns, etc.)
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