Grid Options

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As included in the examples or described in stable releases:

Option Default Description
asyncEditorLoading false Makes cell editors load asynchronously after a small delay. This greatly increases keyboard navigation speed.
asyncEditorLoadDelay 100 Delay after which cell editor is loaded. Ignored unless asyncEditorLoading is true.
asyncPostRenderDelay 50
autoEdit true Cell will not automatically go into edit mode when selected.
autoHeight false This disables vertical scrolling.
cellFlashingCssClass “flashing” A CSS class to apply to flashing cells via flashCell().
cellHighlightCssClass “selected” A CSS class to apply to cells highlighted via setHighlightedCells().
dataItemColumnValueExtractor null
defaultColumnWidth 80
defaultFormatter defaultFormatter The default formatter if no other formatter is specified. See custom formatter wiki page
editable false
editCommandHandler queueAndExecuteCommand Not listed as a default under options in slick.grid.js
editorFactory null A factory object responsible to creating an editor for a given cell. Must implement getEditor(column).
editorLock Slick.GlobalEditorLock A Slick.EditorLock instance to use for controlling concurrent data edits.
enableAddRow false If true, a blank row will be displayed at the bottom - typing values in that row will add a new one. Must subscribe to onAddNewRow to save values.
enableAsyncPostRender false If true, async post rendering will occur and asyncPostRender delegates on columns will be called.
enableCellRangeSelection null **WARNING**: Not contained in SlickGrid 2.1, may be deprecated
enableCellNavigation true Appears to enable cell virtualisation for optimised speed with large datasets
enableColumnReorder true
enableRowReordering null **WARNING**: Not contained in SlickGrid 2.1, may be deprecated
enableTextSelectionOnCells false
explicitInitialization false See: Example: Explicit Initialization
forceFitColumns false Force column sizes to fit into the container (preventing horizontal scrolling). Effectively sets column width to be 1/Number of Columns which on small containers may not be desirable
forceSyncScrolling false
formatterFactory null A factory object responsible to creating a formatter for a given cell. Must implement getFormatter(column).
fullWidthRows false Will expand the table row divs to the full width of the container, table cell divs will remain aligned to the left
headerRowHeight 25
leaveSpaceForNewRows false
multiColumnSort false See: Example: Multi-Column Sort
multiSelect true
rowHeight 25
selectedCellCssClass “selected”
showHeaderRow false
syncColumnCellResize false If true, the column being resized will change its width as the mouse is dragging the resize handle. If false, the column will resize after mouse drag ends.
topPanelHeight 25