Breaking change to nested reference comments in version 4.1

Matthew Manela edited this page Feb 4, 2016 · 2 revisions

Chutzpah 4.1 made a change to when it will scan your file for /// <reference comments. Originally, Chutzpah did not have the chutzpah.json settings file and would only find references by cracking open your file and parsing for reference comments. However, since the chutzpah.json file was added the recommended way for declaring references is to use the reference section and not the file comments. The problem was that even if you used a chutzpah.json it would still open your files and parse them for the comments (which has a performance cost). In order to solve this problem version 4.1 changes the way expanding references works.

  1. If you do not use a chutzpah.json file to specify your tests (NOT RECOMMENDED), then nothing changes. Your reference comments are still parsed.

  2. If you specify a tests setting AND want to still expand nested references must set the ExpandReferenceComments setting to true. For example:

	"Tests": [
		{ "Path": "Tests", "Includes": ["*.Spec.*"], "ExpandReferenceComments":  "true" }
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