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JULIE is an open-source survey framework for the creation and administration of web-based and other computer-assisted surveys. JULIE provides tools to create most survey question types as well as specialized tools for the creation of stated choice experiments. JULIE is built on the popular Rails web application framework and Ruby programming language.

Description and History

JULIE provides tools to create surveys in an easy-to-read format, administer surveys to respondents via the internet or personal computer, and collect survey responses. Novice and intermediate users are provided a simple yet powerful survey language to build professional surveys. For power users, the framework provides a flexible and customizable environment for users because of JULIE's basis in the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern.

JULIE was created over the course of several years (2008-present) for academic research in stated preference surveys administered via the internet. Its initial purpose was to provide a framework with the following capabilities:

  • Reusable and portable
  • Flexible survey design
  • Simple survey creation tool
  • Can perform RP and SP surveys
  • Can customize stated-choice games based on the user's responses
  • Both web-based and in-person (computer-assisted) collection possible
  • Stores responses in a database

The JULIE framework provides a system for creating surveys, displaying questions, controlling question flow, and storing responses. The basic premise is that JULIE displays a sequence of questions to the user, records his responses, and ensures that the responses are in the expected format (if any).

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