@mmistakes mmistakes released this Sep 12, 2017 · 515 commits to master since this release

Assets 2


  • Test strict Front Matter in /test site. [#1236]
  • Rename gems key to plugins. [#1239]
  • Add YIQ Color Contrast mixin for determining lightness of a color.
  • DRY up button CSS using Sass lists and YIQ Color Contrast mixin.
  • Add btn--primary button class.
    Note: elements that were previously using only a .btn class will now also need .btn--primary (eg. <a class="btn btn--primary" href="#">my link</a>).
  • Add air, contrast, dark, dirt, mint, and sunrise skin color options. [#1208]
  • Allow scripts in <head> and before </body> to be added/overridden with head_scripts and footer_scripts arrays in _config.yml. [#1241]
  • Update JavaScript dependencies: jQuery v3.2.1, jQuery Smooth Scroll v2.2.0, and Magnific Popup v1.1.0. #328690652