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REDbot is lint for HTTP resources.

It checks HTTP resources for feature support and common protocol problems. You can use the public instance on, or you can install it locally and use it on the command line, or even self-host your own Web checker.


Contributing to REDbot

Your ideas, questions and other contributions are most welcome. See for details.

Setting Up Your Own REDbot


REDbot requires Python 3.9 or greater.

The recommended method for installing REDbot is using pipx. To install the latest release, do:

pipx install redbot

Or, to use the most development version of REDbot, run:

pipx install git+

Both of these methods will install the following programs into your pipx binary folder:

  • redbot - the command-line interface
  • redbot_daemon - Web interface as a standalone daemon

Running REDbot as a systemd Service

REDbot can run as a standalone service, managed by systemd. This offers a degree of sandboxing and resource management, as well as process monitoring (including a watchdog function).

To do this, install REDbot on your system with the systemd option. For example:

pipx install redbot[systemd]

The copy extra/redbot.service into the appropriate directory (on most systems, /etc/systemd/system/.)

Modify the file appropriately; this is only a sample. Then, as root:

> systemctl reload-daemon
> systemctl enable redbot
> systemctl start redbot

By default, REDbot will listen on localhost port 8000. This can be adjusted in config.txt. Running REDbot behind a reverse proxy is recommended, if it is to be exposed to the Internet.

If you want to allow people to save test results, create the directory referenced by the 'save_dir' configuration variable, and make sure that it's writable to the REDbot process.

Running REDbot in a Container

OCI-compliant containers are available on Github, and it's easy to run REDbot one using a tool like Docker or Podman. For example:

docker run --rm -p 8000:8000


podman run --rm -p 8000:8000


Icons by Font Awesome. REDbot includes code from tippy.js and prettify.js.