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Music Player built with flutter
Dart Java Objective-C
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🎧 Flutter Music Player PRs Welcome Codemagic build status

Getting Started 🚀

  • Clone the repo
  • Install the dependicies
  • Run it


  • Retrieve songs
  • Retrieve from SD
  • Play
  • Pause
  • Seek
  • Shuffle
  • Favorites
  • Album list
  • Playing queue
  • Android X migration
  • Notification and Lock Screen Controls
  • System integration
  • Artist list
  • Playlists
  • Search songs
  • Finishing up the Settings page
  • Adding support for artist thumbnail update via online service
  • Adding a better landing page
  • Updating performance
  • Adding UPnP, DLNA v4.0 (DMS, DMP, DMC, maybe DMR), maybe Apple Airplay
  • FTP song registry
  • Spotify integration

📸 ScreenShots

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