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Goutte commented May 3, 2013

Hello !
Is there a special software|encoding you're using to encode the demo .wav ?
I tried all the encoding combinations in Audacity, but Timbre stays silent when reading any .wav I make, though it works when I use yours.



It is a normal .wav. What code die you write?
Please try if you can play by dragging the wav on this page?


Goutte commented May 3, 2013

Well, that is weird. I'm using the example code on the page you mentioned. I'm sure the code works, because it works with your .wav, but not mine. Of course, my .wav does not work on your page either.

I just downloaded another .wav from the internet, and it works !

Hmmm. The problem lies in Audacity for Linux, then. What software did you use to create your .wav files ?
I see 32bit float and 22050Hz, but my files use that too. :/

Goutte commented May 3, 2013

BTW, here's an example of a file not working : http://antoine.goutenoir.com/games/cyx/wav/laser3.wav


There was a mistake to read the wav format.
I've fixed it. Please try once more.


Goutte commented May 4, 2013

Wow. That was both fast and nice ! I could not have fixed that myself ;)

Thanks, everything works now, and I can get down to the interesting stuff : MUSIC !

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