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Rust Monero Library
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Rust Monero Library

Library with support for de/serialization, parsing and executing on data structures and network messages related to Monero currency.

Supports (or should support)

  • De/serialization of Monero blocks and transactions
  • Address and subaddress creation, de/serialization and validation
  • Private keys and one-time keys creation, de/serialization and validation

Known limitations

Rust Nightly

To be able to compile for target wasm, dependency curve25519-dalek must use the features = ["nightly"] that require Rust Nightly. As soon as the dependency no longer require the nightly channel we will switch to stable.


Currently the documentation is very sparse. Patches to add usage examples and to expand on existing docs would be extremely appreciated.


Contributions are welcome.


The library can be built and tested using cargo:

git clone
cd monero-rs
cargo build

You can run tests with:

cargo test

Building for WASM

This library can be built to target wasm platform with:

cargo build --target wasm32-unknown-unknown


This is a research project sponsored by TrueLevel, developed by h4sh3d.

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