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Visual Novels resource browser.

Requires .NET Framework v4.6 or newer (

Supported formats

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Browse through the file system to a file of interest. If you think it's an archive, try to 'enter' inside by pressing 'Enter' on it. If GARbro recognizes format its contents will be displayed just like regular file system. Some archives are encrypted, so you will be asked for credentials or a supposed game title. If game is not listed among presented options then most likely archive could not be opened by current GARbro version.

Files could be extracted from archives by pressing 'F4', with all images and audio converted to common formats in the process, of course if game format itself is recognized.

When displaying file system contents GARbro assigns types to files based on their names extension (so it's not always correct). If types are misapplied, it could be changed by selecting files and assigning type manually via context menu 'Assign file type'.

GUI Hotkeys

Enter Try to open selected file as archive -OR- playback audio file
Ctrl+PgDn Try to open selected file as archive
Ctrl+E Open current folder in Windows Explorer
Backspace Go back
Alt+ Go forward
Ctrl+PgUp Go to parent directory
Ctrl+O Choose file to open as archive
Ctrl+A Select all files
Space Select next file
Numpad + Select files matching specified mask
F3 Create archive
F4 Extract selected files
F5 Refresh view
F6 Convert selected files
Delete Delete selected files
Ctrl+H Fit window to a displayed image
Alt+Shift+M Hide menu bar
Alt+Shift+T Hide tool bar
Alt+Shift+S Hide status bar
Ctrl+S Toggle scaling of large images
Ctrl+Q Exit


Written by morkt under MIT License.

Korean translation by mireado, overworks

Simplified Chinese translation by elasticblitz, PeratX and taroxd

Japanese translation by haniwa55