Official Docker Compose stack for Movim, maintained by @OpusVL.
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Movim is a decentralized social network, written in PHP and HTML5 and based on the XMPP standard protocol.

You can find the official repository and download the source code here. This repository purely contains a Docker Compose solution to get the client quickly set up anywhere. Running this docker-compose file will build a stack comprising an nginx container, a PHP container (where Movim itself resides) and a PostgreSQL container. This setup assumes that you already have an XMPP server such as ejabberd or Prosody running somewhere else.

Getting Started

Clone this repository to a local directory on your server/workstation. I recommend /opt/docker/movim/ but anywhere your user account has access to will probably be fine.

git clone /opt/docker/movim/

You should notice a file within the new /movim_docker/ directory called movim.env. You need to edit the default vaues contained within this file.

# the domain or subdomain where your Movim instance is served from

# copy the value you wrote above here, keeping the http:// prefix and trailing slash

# there isn't really much reason to change this

# there isn't really much reason to change this

# select a username for the admin interface

# select a password for the admin interface

# edit this value to your liking

# please change this, please!

# edit this value to your liking

Save your changes and run Docker Compose to raise the stack.

docker-compose up -d

The first time you run this, PostgreSQL will need a few moments to initialize properly - so be patient while it does so. You will notice some scary looking errors in the log or on screen if you didn't run Docker in detached mode, these are normal the first time you run it. After a few minutes point your browser towards the nginx VHOST you configured within the movim.env file and you should see your shiny new Movim Pod! Any subsequent times you start this container set will be much faster.