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Scripts as plugins for XChat 2

Been spending a lotta time with XChat 2 running on my desktop. I thought I'd add some features, since it has a module for loading python/ perl/ tcl scripts that can latch on to hooks in the software. Also, I need to keep practicing.

Adds commands to check websites for the age of the most recent update. Originaly meant for '', where "grubdate" would be an in-joke. It now uses a configuration file for multiple websites.

It also has a feature where people in a prescribed set of channels can utter a '!blah' or '.blah' message to request this command. It has timeout features to prevent abusing this to spam a channel.

TODO: a search regexp in case the latest update has a diff path each time. and mocp.lua

A large improvement of the original MOCP_info script by kubicz10 (released under a GNU copyleft license). I might rewrite it from scratch soon, but kubicz10 deserves props for doing it first.

MOC ("Music On Console") is an audio-file player that uses a client-daemon architecture, so you can quit the client without stopping the media queue playback. You can either give the daemon single commands at a terminal prompt, or start the ncurses interface ('mocp') that comes with.

This script adds commands to XChat to control MOC with XChat commands, so you do not need to leave your IRC session. You can also (discretely) emit to yourself or the current channel what you are currently listening to.

Created a lua version on a whim. Don't use both at the same time. and clementine.lua

Another widget for controlling a media player without leaving IRC. Clementine is the player that looks awfully similar to Amarok, but uses Qt libraries instead of GTK, in case you're allergic to GNOMEs. It can be queried and instructed via dbus.

... but hexchat is getting wedged on the python interpreter when it does DBus calls for some damn reason. Switched over to lua and running the 'qbus' command-line tool instead.

Coming soon. This will be an interface for using my madlibs python module to emit random phrases and edit vocabulary datasets within XChat.


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