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Tasks in the RelEng infrastructure and make use of generic binary artifacts, which are stored in dedicated artifacts repositories (S3 buckets). ToolTool application provides an interface to those artifacts repositories.
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ToolTool API, Frontend and Client

Local Development

Use docker-compose up db to run the database. To run api open a separate terminal window and run:

$ cd api/
$ export $(gpg --decrypt ./../path/to/private/passwords/tooltool-localdev.txt.gpg 2>/dev/null | xargs) && ./dev run

That will load the secrets needed for local development and start api service in development mode.

Deployment process

To trigger the deployment you have to push the code to the branch with the same name as environment you want to deploy to.

This will start Taskcluster graph which will build and push docker image to docker hub (mozilla/releng-tooltool) with the same tag as is the environment.

Cloudops team Jenkins is listening for the change and will deploy it to GCP once it confirms that the docker images was build in a trusted environment. It usually takes around 5min for deployment to be done. For more how things are configures you can check cloudops infrastructure.:

You can check that the service was deployed correctly by visiting the /__version__ endpoint which should include

Deployed Environments

We have a number of deployed ToolTool environments.

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