@lachs0r lachs0r released this Nov 10, 2015 · 4409 commits to master since this release

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NOTE: The previous release changed the default format for youtube-dl and
removed some workarounds related to MPEG DASH support. However, the required
changes to FFmpeg code (FFmpeg/FFmpeg@4ab5666)
are not in any FFmpeg release yet (as of 2015-11-10), so for now, playing DASH
streams requires using FFmpeg git master. You can work around this by using the
--ytdl-format=best option.



  • SVG version of the icon (with symbolic counterpart)
  • stream_libarchive: add multivolume support
  • vo_opengl: add prescaling framework along with Super-xBR and NNEDI3 (currently very slow) prescalers (issue #2230)

Options and Commands


  • command: add mistimed-frame-count property
  • vo_opengl: add vsync-fences option


  • command: make display-fps property writable
  • options: enable mpeg2 hw decoding by default if hw decoding is requested
  • vo_opengl: rename fancy-downscaling to correct-downscaling
  • vo_opengl: correct-downscaling: enable also for anamorphic clips
  • vo_opengl: rename "drm_egl" to "drm-egl"
  • vo_opengl: disable drm-egl autopickup
  • vo_opengl: never load vaapi GLX interop by default

Fixes and Minor Enhancements

  • ao_alsa: fix 7.1 over HDMI
  • audio: do not require full audio chain reinit for speed changes
  • rpi: add support for codecs other than h264 (mpeg2 for now)
  • vd_lavc: make hwdec fallback more tolerant
  • video: fix playback of pal8
  • video: multiple display-sync fixes
  • vo: fix no-audio mode with interpolation enabled/display-sync disabled
  • vo_direct3d: fix operation (issue #2434)
  • vo_drm: handle possible errors from sigaction
  • vo_drm: show osd in audio only mode
  • vo_opengl: do not attempt to cache frames in FBO in dumb-mode (issue #2432)
  • vo_opengl: win32: always request MMCSS for DWM
  • vo_opengl: win32: try to enable DwmFlush by default
  • vo_vdpau: check VDP_RGBA_FORMAT_A8 support
  • win32: request MMCSS "Playback" profile

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