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Objective-J and JavaScript Compiler with preprocessor
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A tiny, fast JavaScript and/or Objective-J compiler with built in preprocessor. Written in JavaScript.

It uses a parser extended from the Acorn JavaScript parser by Marijn Haverbeke.

Format generated code

The generated code can be formatted by providing a format description file with the '--formatDescription' option There are some example files in the format folder.

It can also include comments with the '--includeComments' option.


Objective-J is a superset of Javascript. If it compiles a pure Javascript file it will generate the same code back again. This allows the compiler to be used as a beautifier for Javascript.


The parser has a built in C like preprocessor.


#define MAX(x, y) (x > y ? x : y)
var m1 = MAX(a, b);
var m2 = MAX(14, 20);

Will be compiled to:

var m1 = a > b ? a : b;
var m2 = 14 > 20 ? 14 : 20;

For more info see

How to use

usage: objjc infile [--ecma3|--ecma5] [--strict-semicolons] [--track-comments] [--include-comments] [--include-comment-line-break] [(-o | --output) [--formatter ] [--indent-tab] [--indent-width ] [--indent-string ] [--track-spaces] [--track-locations] [--no-objj] [--no-preprocess] [--old-safari-bug] [--no-debug-symbols] [--no-type-signatures] [--generate-objj] [--source-map] [--ast] [--no-code] [-Dmacro[([p1, p2, ...])][=definition]] [--silent] [--help]

--ecma3 and --ecma5:        Indicates the ECMAScript version to parse. Must be either 3 or 5. This influences support for strict mode, the set of reserved words, and support for getters and setter.
--strict-semicolons:        The parser demands semicolons between statements.
the parser will not allow
--no-allow-trailing-commas: Don't allow trailing commas in array and object literals.

Objective-J limitations: It can't compile Objective-J code that depends on other Objective-J files. The Objective-J load and runtime is needed for this. But it will work as long as you declare any superclass in the same file.

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