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Visualizes Rocket League Replays

Upload and watch Rocket League replays here

Deployment Instructions

This application uses the following AWS services:

  • S3
  • Elastic Beanstalk
  • DynamoDB

First you must have an AWS account, and create an S3 bucket. You will need to update with your S3 bucket name.

You also must create a DynamoDB table turbo-carnival with partition_key of replay_key. Application assumes you will use region us-west-2.

App is deployed using eb cli tool and also requires the AWS cli tool. These can be installed using pip.

python -m pip install awscli
python -m pip install --upgrade --user awsebcli

You need to configure the AWS cli with API keys and which region you want to work in.

aws configure

The first time you deploy the app, you have the create the environment in Elastic Beanstalk.

cd website
eb create [environment-name]

You need to use IAM to give the Elastic Beanstalk role read and write permissions to your S3 bucket.

Deployment to an existing Elastic Beanstalk is easy:

cd website
eb deploy

Local Deploynment

The application can also be run locally. App assumes /tmp or c:\tmp exists and is writable. Don't worry it only uses it temporarily. The application still requires an S3 bucket when run locally. It also requires the octane to be in your PATH.

cd website