Entry for the Ludum Dare 43 game jam, on the theme "Sacrifices must be made"
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Farm To Table

The supramundane, numinous hamburger experience.

Play it. Or go to the Ludum Dare #43 entry page.

The Steakholders are angry, and they expect results. They - along with the humble and hard-working citizens of Farmtotabletown - have invested their faith in You. Faith in you, as their transcendental social and economic linchpin.

It sounds easy, but the perfect burger business may require a few sacrifices.

Farm To Table: the supramundane, numinous hamburger game


  • Q. Who are the Steakholders?

  • A. Now you’re asking the right questions.

  • Q. What is the purpose of burger?

  • A. That’s like asking “What is time?”. Do you know? Because I think I may have ran out of it.

Running the code

It's plain JS: no compiling/build tools. It uses JavaScript modules to load the code, so you need a reasonably recent browser to play it.

It also needs a web server to load the images and sounds (because you can't load resources directly in your browser from file:/// anymore. frowny face emoji).

Start any simple web server in the root directory and load index.html in your browser. For example, if you have python installed: python3 -m http.server (or python -m SimpleHTTPServer for v2) then navigate to the server's default URL (eg http://localhost:8000)


Disclaimer: code is pretty trash. It started nicely, devolved quickly. Biggest issue (if you're trying to follow the game logic) is the attempted-but-failed separation between the Game object and the Town (A Phaser.Scene) object. Game was supposed to hold all game data/logic, and Town was supposed to control the visible/renderable parts. As the 48 hours ran out, this separation became messy fast: some things are linked via the Events event system, some things are tacked on to sprites or data objects (peep._sprite and peep._data are both hacks to make the data and ui synced).

Some things are accessed directly from Town into Game object, others triggered by events. It's a mess.