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Browser plugin to auto-refresh and visual highlight of changes on reddit post pages
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What's New, Reddit?

A Chrome and Firefox web extension by Mr Speaker (@mrspeaker)

Life coming at you too fast? Can't keep up with it all? You need What's New, Reddit.


Never hit that F5 key again. whats-new-reddit automatically updates and visually highlights what posts are new. Leave the page, comeback later - updates are now easy to spot. It also adds in how many new comments are new for each post.




  • Refresh Time: how frequently (in seconds) the page will auto-refresh.
  • Colors:
    • New Post: the highlight colour for new posts
    • Progress bar: the small "loading bar" at the top of the page
    • Progress edge: the "edge" line of the loading bar


If you want to play with the source code and/or build for the stores.


For testing

  • window -> extensions -> Pack extension...
  • Choose manifest.json directory, add private key (blank to create key).

For deploying


For testing

  • about:debugging -> Load Temporary Add-On

For deploying

  • zip up add-on files
  • upload to AMO for signing and review.
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