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Generate easy-to-read web pages for your Architecture Decision Records


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Show off your Architecture Decision Records with an easy-to-navigate web page, either as a local web-server or generated static content. Include diagrams in Mermaid format using code blocks/fences, e.g. test ADR 5.


  • Example above using Nat Pryce's adr-tools project
  • This project exposes its own Architecture Decision Records here


From PyPI

$ pip install adr-viewer

From Homebrew

$ brew install adr-viewer

See also the adr-viewer formula page.

From local build

adr-viewer requires Python 3.7 or higher (with Pip)

$ git clone
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ python install


Usage: adr-viewer [OPTIONS]

  --adr-path TEXT  Directory containing ADR files.  [default: doc/adr/]
  --output TEXT    File to write output to.  [default: index.html]
  --title TEXT     The project title   [default: the basename of the current directory]
  --serve          Serve content at http://localhost:8000/
  --port INT       Custom server port [default: 8000]
  --help           Show this message and exit.

The default for --adr-path is doc/adr/ because this is the default path generated by adr-tools.

Supported Record Types