Sketch 3 plugin to do a find and replace on text within layers
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Find and replace for Sketch 3

Finds text in selected layer(s) and all layers contained within - and replaces it with different text. Now updated to do partial, case sensitive and full-document matching.


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Download and unzip, then double-click on the .sketchplugin file to copy it to the plugins folder and install automatically into Sketch 3.


Menu - You can access it from the menu Plugins -> Find And Replace -> Find and Replace
Keyboard - Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut cmd + shift + f

Complex documents - If you have an extremely complex document, and set the scope to the entire document, it might take a few seconds longer to process it all. Don't panic if you get a beach ball, it hasn't crashed Sketch, it just has to go through every layer in every artboard in every page and do a comparison.


Search scope

How much of your document it will actually search

  • If you have selected layers to search in, then Selected layers will be chosen automatically.
  • You can also choose to search all layers in the Current page
  • Or you can search the Whole document and it will search every layer in every artboard in every page of your document.

Case matching

Whether it matches exactly as you typed or not

  • Case insensitive by default ("john" will match "John")
  • Case sensitive it will match exactly as you typed it ("john" won't match "John").

Case replacement

How it deals with capitalisation when replacing

  • Intelligent by default - In intelligent mode and, in conjunction with other search options, it will analyse the current capitalisation and try to match your replacement if possible.
    • For example, if you find "smith" and replace with "Street" it will match the "Smith" in "John Smith" and change it to "John Street", preserving the capitalisation.
    • It might also match "Blacksmith", but rather than change it to "BlackStreet" it would recognise that it wasn't capitalised to begin with and change it to "Blackstreet".
    • If it was "John SMITH", it would recognise the all-capitals presentation of "SMITH" and change it to "John STREET" to preserve the capitalisation.
  • Standard - Replaces exactly what you typed, so could change "John Smith" to "John Street", "Blacksmith" to "BlackStreet" and "John SMITH" to "John Street"

Where to match

Where in your text layer it should match the search term

  • Exact match only will match your Find text against a text layer if it is exactly the same (example "John Smith" will match text layers that read "John Smith"). If you have whitespace (or line breaks) at the start or end, this will not match and you should use "Anywhere in layer" as your option (or remove the whitespace - what's the point?!)
  • Anywhere in layer will do a partial match (example "Smith" will match against "John Smith" and replace the word "Smith" only).
  • At start of layer will only match at the start of the text layer ("John" will match against "John Smith", but "Smith" won't). If you have whitespace at the start, this will not match.
  • At end of layer will only match at the end of the text layer ("Smith" will match against "John Smith", but "John" won't). If you have whitespace at the end, this will not match.

Match whole words or phrases only

Whether it matches whole or partial words

  • Yes (default) will match whole words ("oh" will not match "John")
  • No will match partial words ("oh" will match "John", if you wanted to change him to "Joan" for example)

Other features

  • Default find text - If you have a text field selected, it will use that text as the default find text
  • Remembers your settings - Remembers your settings for next time you do a find/replace (doesn't remember find/replace/scope as these will change each time)

Future development

  • Regex search - Maybe implement a full regex-based search for power users

Issues or ideas

If you have any problems, or ideas, please open an issue!

Credits and thanks

Thanks to Aby Nimbalkar - @abynim - for the SketchPlugin-Remember code to save user settings


I take no responsibility for what you find and replace, or for any changes made unintentionally due to this software erroring. I do test it before I release it so the chances of bugs are minimised, but still, use wisely and completely at your own risk. Remember, cmd-z is your saviour.*