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2016-10-17 version 1.0.2:
* Bump version up to release newer version to fix broken gem release for JRuby
2016-10-17 version 1.0.1:
* Fix a bug to crash at packer when ext type is registered for superclass of packed object
* Fix JRuby implementation about inconsistent API of Unpacker constructor
2016-07-08 version 1.0.0:
* Fix to be able to pack Symbol with ext types
* Fix for MRI 2.4 (Integer unification)
2016-05-10 version 0.7.6:
* Fix bug to raise IndexOutOfBoundsException for Bignum value with small int in JRuby
2016-04-06 version 0.7.5:
* Improved support for i386/armel/armhf environments
* Fix bug for negative ext type id and some architectures (arm*)
2016-01-08 version 0.7.4:
* Improved compatibility of Packer between CRuby and JRuby about argument IO-ish object values.
2016-01-07 version 0.7.3:
* Add Packer#write_float32 method to pack floating point numbers into FLOAT of messagepack.
2016-01-06 version 0.7.2:
* Improved compatibility of Unpacker between CRuby and JRuby to accept stream-like object
by checking respond_to(:read) in addition to class check
2015-11-20 version 0.7.1:
* Fixed bug to pack/unpack ext type objects larger than 256bytes incorrectly.
2015-10-24 version 0.7.0:
* Add extention types support.
* Fix to share almost all test cases between CRuby and JRuby implementations.
* Fixed JRuby implementation to raise UnknownExtTypeError for unregistered ext type ids
instead to generate MessagePack::ExtensionValue instances.
(Specify `allow_unknown_ext: true` as unpacker option for v0.6.x behavior.)
2015-07-22 version 0.6.2:
* Fix release workflow: Ruby 2.1 and 2.2 are supported for Windows (2.0 is omitted)
* Fix to encode symbols along its encoding
* Fix segmentation fault in minor case
2015-07-01 version 0.6.1:
* Added :compatibility_mode option to Packer#initialize. Default is false. If it
is set to true, str8 format and bin format family will not be used.
2015-05-26 version 0.6.0:
* Added support for Binary types
* Fixed to encode/decode between Binary types and ASCII-8BIT Ruby String objects
2015-05-21 version 0.5.12:
* Added support for JRuby 9K.
* Added a benchmarking suite.
* Fixed a bug in the handling of options given to MessagePack.unpack in JRuby.
2015-02-04 version 0.5.11:
* Fixed Encoding::CompatibilityError error when serializing a long string
longer than write_reference_threshold (5KB by default) and whose encoding
is not ASCII-8BIT.
* Fix read_(map|array)_header (@funny-falcon++).
* Internally, rename msgpack_unpacker_{init,reset,destroy} functions
so that we can load msgpack-c in the same process (@miihael++)
2015-01-09 version 0.5.10:
* Merged msgpack-jruby by @iconara. JRuby can run `require 'msgpack'` to use
2014-10-05 version 0.5.9:
* Fixed Unpacker#read_map_header and #read_array_header
* Added support for Symbol GC added since MRI 2.2.0
2013-12-14 version 0.5.8:
* Fixed compatibility with Ruby 2.1.0
* Added :symbolize_keys option to MessagePack.load and Unpacker#initialize
2013-10-12 version 0.5.7:
* Added deserialization support for the new MessagePack spec
2013-09-23 version 0.5.6:
* Fixed "can't modify frozen String" exception in Unpacker with ruby 2.1.0-dev
* Getting work with Ruby v2.0 on Windows (Thank you @thegreendroid)
* Fixed EOFError handling in Unpacker
2013-05-12 version 0.5.5:
* Fixed SEGV problem in to_msgpack
* Fixed a possible race condition in MessagePack.load when it loads data from IO
* mingw32 package includes binary for ruby-2.0.0
2013-03-15 version 0.5.4:
* Added missing MessagePack::Unpacker#reset method
2013-02-14 version 0.5.3:
* Fixed segfault problem on Buffer#clear (reuse rmem internal fragment optimization)
* Fixed segfault problem on Buffer (rmem free code)
2013-02-07 version 0.5.2:
* Fixed invalid pack/unpack on 32bit architecture such as Win32
* Disable rmem on Rubinius because rmem is not thread safe
2012-12-23 version 0.5.1:
* Fixed compile error with Rubinius 2.0.0-dev
* Optimized msgpack_packer_write_hash for Rubinius
2012-12-20 version 0.5.0:
* Rewrote all code and improved performance significantly
* Added MessagePack::Buffer class
* Added MessagePack::Packer class
* Added Packer#buffer and Unpacker#buffer accessors which return MessagePack::Buffer
* Added Packer#write_{array,map}_header and Unpacker#read_{array,map}_header methods
* Added Packer#write_nil and Unpacker#skip_nil methods
* Added Packer#write -> #pack alias and Unpacker#read method
* Added exception classes - UnpackError, MalformedFormatError, StackError and TypeError
* Added MessagePack.dup -> .pack and MessagePack.load -> .unpack aliases
* Added Packer#empty?, #size and #clear methods
* Added Packer#write_to(io) method to flush serialized data to IO efficiently
* Added Unpacker#skip method to skip an object efficiently
* Removed obsoleted Unpacker#fill, #execute, #execute_limit, #finished? and #data methods
* Removed obsoleted Unapcker#stream and #stream= methods. Use instead
2012-05-05 version 0.4.7:
* Fixed serialization of double values on ARM OABI architectures
* Fixed byteorder problem on big-endian platforms
* Don't use MRI internals in the Ruby extension for Rubinius
* Detect whether st.h is present and don't use RUBY_VM as the condition for
2011-08-08 version 0.4.6:
* Fixed compile error problem on Mac OS X Lion
2011-05-09 version 0.4.5:
* Improves compatibility with JRuby
2010-11-28 version 0.4.4:
* Adds Unpacker#feed_each method
* Improves compatibility with Rubinius
* Improves compatibility with ruby-1.8.5
* Encodings of String instances to UTF-8 on Ruby 1.9
2010-06-29 version 0.4.3:
* Adds MessagePack::VERSION constant
* Fixes SEGV problem caused by GC bug at MessagePack_Unpacker_mark