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A robust cut-cell mesh generator for arbitrary triangle-mesh inputs
C++ CMake Shell
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A robust cut-cell mesh generator for arbitrary triangle-mesh inputs


In order to simplify the process of installing Mandoline scripts build-utils/''' and build-utils/''' are provided.

Also, note that the scripts install a number of packages through apt/brew respectively, including version 2019.10 of Magnum,Corrade, and Magnum Integration. All this effort for Magnum is built around enabling imgui support within Magnum.

If you're using a different system hopefully these the build-utils will still be useful.


Mandoline depends on a C++17 enabled compiler

  • gcc with version >= 8.2.0 or clang with version >= 8 should work.
  • cmake with version >= 3.10.1 .
apt install git cmake build-essential gcc

as well as a few other annoying things:

Built-in Libraries

Mandoline depends on Michael Tao's messy ``core'' library, libigl.

  • core and libigl are included as submodules, and can be added by:
git submodule update --init --recursive

Required External Libraries

  • A relatively new verison of Eigen3 is required (3.3.7 or the development branch?). The version provided by libigl will not suffice.
  • Boost is required for threads.
  • Google Protobuf is required for the default cutmesh serialization format.
  • Eigen is required for almost every bit of linear algebra. With visualization it currently needs the dev branch (requires mercurial and check build-utils/ for more details on how to build)
apt install libboost-thread-dev  libeigen3-dev protobuf-compiler 

In order to handle self-intersections Mandoline requires, on top of libigl,

apt install libboost-thread-dev libmpfr-dev libmpfrc++-dev libcgal-dev 
libmpfr-dev libmpfrc++-dev libcgal-dev

Optional Libraries

  • OpenMP is a really good idea.
  • Magnum and Corrade (version >= 2019.10) for visualization. If Magnum and Corrade are available, targets that depend on visualization can be enabled by -DUSE_OPENGL ON when running cmake. Installing Magnum and Corrade can be a pain, as I use the imgui plugin and default installations dont have that available. If you want to use it you might want to use the following script with MANDOLINE_DIR with the directory mandoline is stored in:
apt install debhelper libgl-dev libopenal-dev libglfw3-dev libsdl2-dev libbullet-dev libglm-dev

mkdir mosra; pushd mosra;
for repo in corrade magnum magnum-integration;
do git clone$repo; done

pushd magnum-integration;
sed "s|IMDIR|${IMGUI_DIR}|g" ${MANDOLINE_DIR}/build-utils/magnum_integration.patch > magnum_integration_imgui.patch
patch -b ./package/debian/rules  magnum_integration_imgui.patch
popd #magnum integration

for repo in corrade magnum magnum-integration;
do pushd $repo;
    ln -s package/debian .
    # ignoring the dsc errors taht happen from magnum
    dpkg-buildpackage || true
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