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corrade (v.) — “To scrape together, to gather together from various sources”

Corrade is a multiplatform utility library written in C++11/C++14. It's used as a base for the Magnum graphics engine, among other things.

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  • Linux and embedded Linux
  • Windows with MSVC, clang-cl and MinGW, Windows RT (Store/Phone)
  • macOS, iOS
  • Android
  • Web (asm.js or WebAssembly), through Emscripten

See the Magnum Project Build Status page for detailed per-platform build status.


  • Low-level utilities to bridge platform differences when accessing OS functionality, filesystem, console and environment
  • Lightweight container implementations, complementing STL features with focus on compilation speed, ease of use and performance
  • Test framework emphasizing flexibility, extensibility, minimal use of macros and clarity of diagnostic output
  • Plugin management library with static and dynamic plugins, dependency handling and hot code reload
  • Signal/slot connection library with full type safety

Check also the Magnum Project Feature Overview pages for further information.


Curious about what was added or improved recently? Check out the Changelog page in the documentation. Check also the Magnum Project Changelog.


Download, build and install Corrade as explained in the building documentation — we provide packages for many platforms, including Windows, Linux and macOS. After that, the best way to get started is to read some examples and tutorials.

Apart from that, various Corrade functionality is available through single-header libraries. Just download a file, #include it in your project and you're ready to go! No buildsystem wrangling needed.


If you want to contribute to Corrade, if you spotted a bug, need a feature or have an awesome idea, you can get a copy of the sources from GitHub and start right away! There is the already mentioned guide about how to download and build Corrade and also a guide about coding style and best practices which you should follow to keep the library as consistent and maintainable as possible.

See also the Magnum Project Contact & Support page for further information.


See the file for details. Big thanks to everyone involved!


Corrade itself and its documentation is licensed under the MIT/Expat license, see the COPYING file for details. All example code in src/examples is put into public domain (or UNLICENSE) to free you from any legal obstacles when reusing the code in your apps. See the COPYING-examples file for details.