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@kybos kybos released this Jan 15, 2020 · 188 commits to master since this release

== MusE 3.1pre4 release December 11, 2019 ==

Getting real close to the real 3.1! (or will it be 4.0, who knows?)

Some unordered highlights in this release are:

  • Customizable size of icons and custom tool cursors
  • Many many new vectorized icons
  • German translation updated
  • FIXED: Mixer strips missing if loading an older song saved before 20.10.2019
  • FIXED: Duplicate strips found in songs saved before 20.10.2019
  • FIXED: Long-time mixer problem with restoring size.
  • Added option for opening MDI subwindows maximized
  • Fix EffectRack::songChanged() crash when reloading songs: Check track still exists.
  • Fixed bug #719 downmix to existing file appends to the old file
  • Transport master fixes: New button on transport. Fix connect at startup etc.
  • Added File->New from template... menu entry. File->New loads default template
  • Fixed many UI text issues, consistency, translations etc
  • Fixed bug #720 arm follows track did bad things while recording
  • Fix #697: Plugin UI scaling, has quick setting
  • Fix # 708: Surge-vst crashes.
  • New - Introducing the Snooper (object tree) for coders and stylesheet authors
  • More keyboard shortcuts
  • More colors on canvas are configurable
  • Add command line option -C "Do not re-create plugin cache."
  • Soundfont *.sf3 files: Small tweak allows our MESS fluidsynth to load them.
  • Bug 681: Fix multichannel track feeding aux track, no audio. In AudioTrack::copyData().
  • Fixed metronome selection of wave files
  • Improved cursor interaction in piano roll/drum editor (event canvas vs. control canvas),
    cursor shape shows when cursor has no function in given area
  • Correct cursor size on HiDPI screens (fixes issue #637)
  • LV2: Fix sequencing/syncing plugins (Helm, LV2 metronome, NoiseMak3r...)
  • Generic plugin UI: Added 'Quirks' buttons to toolbar

For the complete list of changes see:

MusE Web:


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